Spinitar will help you create better experiences that yield better outcomes to achieve your ultimate organizational goals. As a leading AV technology provider for nearly four decades, we understand the communication needs of modern environments. Today’s digital media strategies extend far beyond standard teleconferencing and video conferencing. With our contemporary AV hardware solutions, we can empower you with the tools necessary to meet all of your communication objectives.

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We’re in business to have fun and make a profit while creating career opportunities for our employees. We wish to foster an environment where outstanding people can accomplish extraordinary things. The Spinitar customer is the person whose job or role it is to share or facilitate the sharing of information through the use of communication technology. Our customers trust in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations in value and performance.


Dedicated Team Concept

We dedicate a full Spinitar team to every client and every project. That team is supported by everyone at Spinitar to make certain that our clients feel the importance of their partnership to us. Everyone at Spinitar, from our executive staff to field personnel, is fully dedicated to creating and continuing the ultimate customer experience. The Spinitar team approach allows us to provide a level of service and engagement that goes beyond what our clients require and ensures quality at every stage of a project. Our core focus is accountability, getting the job done, and exceeding our clients’ needs.


“A Quick Response From Talented Folks Who Care About You.”TM

Choosing to invest in AV equipment and unified communication systems is an important decision and investment for your organization. For over 30 years, Spinitar has partnered with our customers to develop and continue developing a comprehensive set of tools based on real-life business climates and client demands. Together these tools represent what Spinitar has developed into our Success Services and focus on maximizing ROI, uptime and employee productivity.

Our Success Services include multiple tier support options, staffing, enterprise adoption training, reporting & analytics, software & licensing management, cyber & vulnerability protection, HelpPoint+™, remote monitoring, and Spinitar’s Performance Guarantee program.


Once a Team, Always a Team.

At Spinitar, we support the needs of our clients for the lifetime of the partnership through Spinitar’s dedicated team approach. Every client and every project is assigned a single professional services team built to guide our customers through every stage of the project, beginning to end. The Spinitar team approach ensures our clients’ trust in our ability to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations in value and performance. Everyone at Spinitar, from our executive staff to field personnel, is fully dedicated to creating and continuing the ultimate customer experience.

We build, test, and commission systems and solutions in-house at Spinitar before deploying them on-site for our clients. Our professional services teams precisely plan, manage, and execute projects through our project enhancing technology (Q360) to ensure successful outcomes. Our process extends past project completion to hand-off to a Spinitar support team that can provide a multitude of success services, including Enterprise Adoption Training.


At Spinitar, we are committed to staying relevant to current AV trends and happenings. We pride ourselves in staffing industry leaders who are highly-trained and certified.

Spinitar is proud to be recognized as an APEX audiovisual provider of excellence, along with other affiliations, including NSCA, Bicsi, AQAV, and others.


At Spinitar we value the importance of having fun while getting the job done. We firmly believe that a terrific employee experience equates to a terrific customer experience. In 2019, Spinitar was awarded the NSCA Excellence in Business Award for Employee Engagement.

Giving Back

Spinitar believes in giving back to the communities in which we do business. We feel honored to work with local charities and hospitals to help those in need. Every year since 2014, Spinitar hosts “Golf for Hope,” an annual fundraising event dedicated to supporting life-saving cancer research at City of Hope.


Today’s audiovisual technology does more than ever before, but the pace of advancement can leave AV systems users paralyzed by all the choices before them. In the face of this complexity, the PSNI network radically simplifies your technology experience by giving you single-source access to the very best the industry has to offer.

As a member of PSNI, Spinitar is proud to offer the power of multiple integration firms to our clients. This partnership gives our clients access to leading-edge technology and enterprise-class capabilities anywhere in the world. PSNI enables us to quickly expand our capabilities, reach, and resources to ensure our clients receive better experiences and better outcomes.



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