The VariQuest® Perfecta® STP Series Printers are the only scan-to-print, full-color printing systems that exist to support and improve school-wide communication. Whether you’re differentiating instruction via colorful infographics, promoting district-wide initiatives through engaging posters, or boosting school pride with spirited banners, you can send the right message with ease.

With the Perfecta 3600STP printing posters and banners up to 36″ wide, and the Perfecta 2400STP printing up to 24″ wide, both printers have fully-integrated scanners and are best-equipped with the VariQuest Design Center, a touch-enabled workstation storing thousands of education-based templates and graphics, making poster-designing a cinch.


Perfecta® 2400STP and Perfecta® 3600STP

Easy to Use

Engage every learner with school and classroom visuals by easily enlarging original documents to poster size on the click of a button using the Perfecta STP Series’ scan-to-print feature.


Save money and time with our VariQuest STP Series Ink Cartridges. Affordably priced to save on prints, they’re expertly sized to reduce waste by mitigating the risk of dried-up ink.

Use Perfecta® 2400STP and Perfecta® 3600STP to:

  • Monitor student progress with development charts
  • Differentiate instruction with graphic organizers, infographics, diagrams, and mind-maps
  • Enlarge and display student artwork with ease
  • Scan graphic organizers and print smaller copies for student portfolios
  • Build school spirit by promoting student organizations and sports teams
  • Foster a sense of community with custom event posters, banners, and big heads
  • Promote project-based learning by creating products for student-based enterprises
  • Reinforce academic achievement and positive student behavior with custom award certificates or recognition posters



Perfecta 2400 STP and Perfecta 3600STP have a fully-integrated scanner and comes equipped with the VariQuest Design Center, a touch-enabled workstation storing thousands of education-based templates and graphics, making poster-designing a cinch.
Create full-color posters and banners with the brand new Perfecta® 2400PRO, a wide-format printing system that includes the VariQuest Design Software on our touch-screen workstation, designed to work together with all VariQuest tools.
While other printers are made to appeal to a wide variety of markets, the focus of Trifecta™ 800 3D Printer is exclusively on enhancing K-12 students’ education.
A revolutionary, digital die-cut system created specifically for schools, the Cutout Maker will help you bring lessons to life with automatically-cut letters, numbers, manipulatives, shapes and bulletin board collections.
Reinforce key learnings, encourage cooperative group work and promote school pride with easy-to-customize, quick-printing posters & banners made with this ink- & toner-free tool.
Created with educators, students, and parents in mind, the Design Center 2300 and VariQuest Software will help increase academic achievement, boost productivity and transform your school.
Make posters, banners, and cutouts last longer with the easy-to-use VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510.
Aligned to Common Core State Standards, the VariQuest Learning Modules include cross-curricular activities that incorporate the use of visuals and manipulatives...
Reward students, teachers and staff quickly and affordably with the Motiva™ 400. Create full-color personalized award plaques, flashcards, study aids, bumper stickers, parking permits, and more with this on-the-spot recognition and fundraising tool.
Designed by the makers of the original Varitronics PosterPrinter™ – used by over 37,000 schools since 1988 – the VariQuest Perfecta™ 2400 System is your ideal solution for printing full-color posters.