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The Value of an AV Service Agreement


The value of an AV service agreement is more than just dollars and cents. Working with a trusted AV service provider on a long term basis ensures your AV system continues running smoothly, and facilitates quicker fixes for problems that may arise. This blog walks you through some of the most important topics to consider when deciding whether to seek out an AV service agreement.

Use an AV Service Agreement to Better Maintain Your Equipment

There’s a common saying in the automotive repair industry, “Pay me now, or pay me later.” It’s a little cheeky, but we all know we need to maintain our vehicles with oil changes at the right intervals, and provide loving care to our belts and hoses. Otherwise, as the saying suggests, we’ll pay for it later in the form of more costly repairs.

Even though you can’t hop into your AV system and take a spin, the same approach to maintaining your equipment and technology applies. Proactive preventive maintenance is the key to lowering long term AV costs. Proper system maintenance on a regular basis ensures less headaches down the road. Using an AV service agreement is an important way to ensure optimum equipment performance and longevity.

Streamline AV Support

When you build a relationship with your AV service provider, you can experience faster resolution to problems that arise because the entire process is streamlined. If you have a smaller AV system, you may not have a permanent member of your staff who takes charge of AV, and your AV service provider can help to fulfill that role. The last thing you want is to experience system downtime while you seek a solution to your AV problem. A good AV service provider becomes part of your team.

A good AV service provider has:

  • Automatic scheduling process ensures that preventive maintenance is performed in a strategic manner
  • Preferential scheduling for contract customers who need a repair.
  • Great technicians that get to know your technology, your people and your needs mean easier maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Clear, consistent payment system that allows you to plan ahead and put budgets in the right place for maximizing the value of your AV system and limiting unexpected costs.
  • Discounts for contract customers on consumables like lamps, free shipping on supplies like batteries for wireless microphones, and discounted after-hours rates.