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Audio Visual Industry Success

Secrets to Success in the Audiovisual Industry

Commercial Integrator, the leading publication for the audiovisual industry, recently featured three important articles on Spinitar. In the posts, we shared secrets to our success in the audiovisual industry, including our incredible workplace culture, how we work with competitors to support customer success, and how teaming up with office furniture providers helps us to achieve even greater end results for our clients. This post offers a brief synopsis of each of these important success secrets – all of which make Spinitar a great choice for audiovisual integration.

How Our Self-Directed Teams and ‘Family’ Culture Helped Us Reach $60M

Spinitar’s approach to supporting customer success starts within. Our value-add is embedded in our people, and the way we deliver our services and support. Five years ago, a change to self-directed work teams highlighted accountability, and created even more success for our customers. This has lead to even more success for Spinitar as a key player in the audiovisual industry.

How to Work with Competitors in the Audiovisual Industry

Spinitar is interested in the success of our customers to the point that we have rearranged our internal teams and even worked with competitors when necessary for the best project outcomes. In the audiovisual industry, many suppliers can recommend and procure technology, but the differentiator in gaining customers for life is providing bend over backwards customer service. We are focused on customer success, even if that means working with competition when it will enhance the end result.

Teaming Up with Office Furniture Providers to Enhance Corporate Spaces

Spinitar’s partnerships with Allsteel and Corporate Business Interiors allow us to show off the best technologies in the audiovisual industry in a finished context with modern office furniture. We now have two showrooms where our customers and potential customers can view and interact with the most updated technologies in the audiovisual industry, in beautifully-appointed office environments.

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Nathan Barnes Leads Audiovisual in Arizona

At Spinitar, we know that one of our most important strengths is our people. From audiovisual technicians who help to install systems and keep them running to customer success partners who help consult on the right solution, each member of our team is important and appreciated. Our talented folks care deeply about our clients, and we care deeply about our Spinitar family.

Nathan Barnes is a key member of the Spinitar family, helping to manage projects for clients who need on-time, on-budget deployment of advanced audiovisual solutions. Barnes has recently relocated from sunny California to even-sunnier Arizona to head up our project management team in our brand new Tempe office. Spinitar appreciates the project management expertise and ultimate focus on customer success that Barnes provides. We celebrate him here by sharing just a bit more detail about this project management expert leading the charge for advanced audiovisual in Arizona.

About Nathan Barnes, PMP, CTS, LEED GA

Mr. Barnes joined the Spinitar team in July of 2011. Prior to coming to Spinitar, he worked for
another audiovisual integrator where he fulfilled different roles, starting as a Sr. Project Manager, moving into a Director of Project Management role and quickly being promoted to Director of Operations where he oversaw all project operations in Southern California. Barnes is a results-driven management professional with first rate skills in directing full cycle complex projects and initiatives; he values relationships with his colleagues and customers, and places a high emphasis on education, both in the project management profession and in the audiovisual integration industry.

How Nathan Barnes Leads Audiovisual in Arizona


As a Sr. Project Manager for Spinitar, Nathan is responsible for managing, coordinating and
overseeing audiovisual systems integration projects. In this capacity, he manages project budgets, plans project timetables and coordinates personnel activities to ensure that required milestones are being met, integration teams are operating efficiently and clients are informed of project progress and completion timeframes.

Nathan also works closely with Spinitar’s system design teams and support personnel to verify that equipment and staff resources are properly allocated to each client project. As part of the Project Manager role and process, Nathan regularly visits client job sites to coordinate team direction, initiate system testing and oversees final commissioning procedures and training. Ultimately, all of Nathan’s efforts are focused around verifying strong system quality, functionality, and operability for the client.

Read Nathan Barnes’ Latest Blog, “Audiovisual Planning – How to Plan for Your AV Project

Spinitar welcomes Steve Riley!

For Immediate Release – December 19, 2016

La Mirada, California – Spinitar

Steve Riley has joined Spinitar as Executive Vice President of Operations focusing on the people and processes that make up the technical resources for Spinitar’s professional service offerings. With over twenty years of commercial audiovisual experience, Steve has a natural ability to articulate technical concepts to non-technical people.  Combined with his inherent ability to lead and an intimate understanding of AV integrator operations, Spinitar is confident Steve will impact both the internal and external customer experience.

Listing a CTS-D, CTS-I, LEED Green Associate, RCDD and other industry/manufacturer certifications, Steve Riley has been an InfoComm instructor and an integral part of creating and maintaining AV engineering standards for one of the largest integrators in the US. Having been an active part of both the customer facing side and the more technical side of an integration project, Steve offers experience in everything from install tech to engineer, a project manager to account manager.

“As Spinitar has increased business, and continues to grow, we need leaders who can seize opportunities to improve employee retention and increase customer satisfaction”, explains Jay Rogina, Spinitar Co-Principal. “Having a long standing relationship with Steve, and knowing his passion to see some evolution of service/support models similar to IT models, it made sense to bring him into the Spinitar family.”

Steve believes that “a true test of client loyalty is when the customer treats you like you are part of their team, as opposed to a resource they solicit.” It is his commitment to customer ROI that will enable him to strengthen internal infrastructure to insure success at Spinitar.

ABOUT Spinitar

Since 1986, Spinitar has been a leading and trusted provider of audiovisual services and technology to business, government, and education customers.  Spinitar was recently ranked #26 amongst audio visual firms by Systems Contractors News, and is also a member of Professional Systems Network International, supporting enterprise clients throughout North America.

Interested in keeping up with Spinitar?
For more information on Spinitar and its services, click here: http://www.spinitar.com/about_spinitar.asp

Spinitar — Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas from Spinitar


2016 has been quite a year around here, and we are incredibly grateful for our employees, partners, and clients who allow us to do what we do best…audio, visual, and communication solutions! The holidays are always a great time to look back and appreciate the gifts of the year. This fun blog shares some of the highlights. Thanks for being a part of our journey!

30 Year Anniversary

Spinitar has been providing quality AV solutions for 30 years now. We celebrated this amazing milestone in May of this year, and are proud to work with all of our wonderful manufacturer partners and vendor partners to keep everyone connected and inspired.

We blogged about it here!

2nd Annual Golf for Hope Tournament

In October, we hosted our 2nd annual golf classic, benefiting City of Hope. In the end, we are incredibly grateful to have been able to support the cancer treatment and research organization through the tournament, including a fun raffle and silent auction made possible by our incredible friends, family, and partners.

Visit our Facebook album to see the fun!

Growing Federal Government Practice

This year, our service to federal government facilities, including design and installation of some very complicated mission control rooms, has expanded exponentially. We are proud to serve our country in this small way, and look forward to providing even more customized AV solutions for state and federal government spaces next year.

New Office Opens in Concord

The expansion continues! We were proud to announce the grand opening of our new office in Concord, CA this November. The new space will help us to serve our West Coast clientele even better, and is a testament to the wonderful successes of our team in California.
Visit our Facebook album to see who joined our office warming party!

Microsoft Surface Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub is one of the coolest collaboration technologies to hit the market… ever. We are excited to be one of Microsoft’s exclusive dealers for the solution, and really enjoyed launching the Surface Hub at several events this quarter. Look out for your invite in 2017 for more opportunities to try out Surface Hub with your group.

Very Merry Christmas

Here at Spinitar, we place a high value on our business and manufacturer partners. In fact, our partners are one of the top reasons for our success. One way we show our appreciation each year is by celebrating the joy of the holiday season with our annual Partner Appreciation Day.

View our Facebook album to see the fun, food, fellowship and Christmas cheer!

Microsoft Surface Hub

How it Works: Microsoft Surface Hub


Based on a Harvard Business Review study of meetings with remote participants, it takes an average of 12 minutes to get any session started. For people with busy schedules who already tend to view meetings as one of the least productive parts of their week, that 12 minutes can feel like an eternity of wasted time.

Finding ways to solve connectivity and content sharing issues for remote meeting participants, and figuring out how to make meetings engaging and productive became a major motivation for Microsoft in the development of its brand new Surface Hub solution. Read more about the basics of Surface Hub in our previous blog.

This post focuses on the details of how the Microsoft Surface Hub solution works to harness the power of the group, whether participants are in the room, or across the globe.

Easy Connectivity

Rather than spending valuable minutes figuring out how to connect, the Microsoft Surface Hub allows remote meeting participants to easily access any meeting from any Internet-connected device via Skype for Business. For those in the physical meeting space, connecting is as simple as a touch. The Surface Hub can also start and end meetings automatically for the ultimate ease of connectivity.

Content Sharing and Real Collaboration

Without the right collaboration technology, the flow of discussion can be interrupted when someone tries to share content or bring in external data, and faces unexpected technical delays. Most other meeting technologies have not been true content-sharing solutions. Too often, the presenter or those in the meeting room are the only participants who can share and modify content.
The Surface Hub solves this issue by allowing easy content sharing via Skype for remote participants, wireless connectivity to share content in the room from any device, and real time collaboration via touch screen technology.

Businesses have advanced their design, manufacturing and engineering processes and technology, but there is surprisingly still a demand for a tool in that delivers an effective way of accomplishing and advancing group communication goals.

100 Points of Touch

Microsoft acquired industry leading interactive display technology firm Perceptive Pixel in 2012, and has since advanced its own touch glass displays beyond any other offering on the market. The Microsoft Surface Hub includes an “infinite whiteboard” that allows for a fluid ink experience on an 84-inch interactive display. It’s a clever mix of technology and practical use that is designed to give educators and business professionals confidence expressing their thoughts immediately, and can be easily shared with participants electronically.

Runs Windows Natively

Powered by Windows 10, one of Surface Hub’s primary functions is to run Windows applications natively, eliminating the need for customization. Similar to how a smartphone operates, applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel simultaneously run in their own windows. This means a remote user can present his/her screen via Skype for Business, and the people in the meeting room can still use the infinite whiteboard, web browser, or any other application. They can even clip the content from the presenter and interact with it on the whiteboard while the discussion is still happening.
When the meeting is finished, the Surface Hub can email everyone in the meeting with a OneNote and PDF file so the meeting is saved, meaningful, and actionable.

The Surface Hub is a powerful Windows computer mixed with a world class large, interactive display. It allows the end user to be as creative with their ideas as they can imagine, and harnesses the power of the group to create together!

Integrate with Professional AV Environments

The Surface Hub on its own is an excellent solution for huddle spaces and small conference rooms. Its connection ports are designed to integrate with a professional audio visual system. For a larger conference room or lecture hall, it can be complemented with an external audio, mic and camera systems to create a unified communication environment. Look out for our upcoming post on how to integrate MS Hub with your existing professional AV.

Unlocking the Power of the Group

The Surface Hub effortlessly harnesses the collective knowledge and skills of any group anywhere. It was designed as the best-in-class interactive display, a powerful team collaboration device that advances the way people work together naturally. We believe the Surface Hub can be as transformative to group productivity as the PC was for individuals.

To see the Surface Hub in action, connect with us for your demo today.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub Transforms Collaboration


From healthcare to education, legal, government, manufacturing, to construction and every industry in between, the Microsoft Surface Hub updates offices and other workspaces to inspire and engage employees and collaborators. Anyone who has training rooms, huddle spaces, conference rooms, classrooms or any other indoor collaboration space can benefit from Microsoft’s brand new technology that helps workers everywhere to “unlock the power of the group.”

As Forrester Research puts it, “Many enterprises struggle with gaps in their workplace collaboration technology, environments that are not built for collaboration, and cultures that do not fully support teams to achieve better outcomes. The result is teams that are not as effective as they could be.”
The brand new Microsoft Surface Hub addresses this problem with technology that transforms collaboration.

The Microsoft Surface Hub Encourages Productive Meetings

  • Surface Hub can detect when you’re in front of it and will start the meeting automatically as its admin.
  • Everything needed to present and capture information during a meeting is within the Hub, including an infinite whiteboard, presentation platforms like MS PowerPoint, video/audio playback, file sharing and much more.
  • Meeting invites can be sent from the Hub during a meeting as the conversation evolves.
  • The 84” Surface Hub plays video in 4k for stunning presentation of creative assets.

The Microsoft Surface Hub Manages Follow Up Automatically

  • Any information captured in a meeting can be sent automatically when a meeting ends.
  • Leaders can select specific individuals to send to, including those who weren’t able to attend the meeting.

Harnessing the Power of Collaboration

The modern workplace is fast-paced, mobile, creative and collaborative. Smart people working together to solve complex problems in business need technology than can unlock the power of their group. Too often, people view meetings as a time sucking journey away from productivity. The dreaded meeting reminder doesn’t have to be so dreaded anymore with Microsoft’s brand new Surface Hub technology, which assures meeting start and end on time, and provides the perfect tools to capture real time collaboration that moves the business forward.

Surface Hub is the Most Effective Touchscreen Ever Built

Microsoft created Surface Hub to work natively with Windows 10. As a result, it is the most effective version of any touchscreen platform ever created. The built-in computer eliminates the need to toggle through inputs when using third party apps. It’s familiar, it’s fast, and it’s backed by the trusted and relied upon Microsoft platform.


Microsoft Surface Hub

Unlock the Power of the Group with Microsoft Surface Hub


Microsoft Surface Hub is a brand new presentation and conferencing technology that will transform the way we work in groups. As you know, some of the most productive work happens when you make the most of the collective knowledge and skills of a group. However, effective collaboration can sometimes be hard, especially when some members of the team work remotely, or when a company has several physical locations, all with smart people who should be involved with creating the best work possible.

Microsoft Surface Hub is like an infinite whiteboard that helps unlock the power of the group.

From designers, to manufacturers, trainers, finance directors, marketers, product developers and so many others are singing the praises of the Microsoft Surface Hub.

Microsoft Surface Hub Brings Versatility On Demand

The 55″and 84″ Microsoft Surface Hub both create a true ‘wow’ factor in a room, but collaboration isn’t limited to meetings. A brainstorm can happen anywhere, anytime…and with a single tap on any device. It’s a unique technology that harnesses the power of collaboration through multi-touch, inking, voice commands, even communication capabilities like storing past iterations of ideas, and automatically sending meeting notes to participants.

Harness the Power of the Hub

Spinitar is pleased to host a special event on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 where you can experience this amazing new technology for yourself. Join us at our La Mirada offices, and find out how you can harness the power of the Microsoft Surface Hub.

California AV Company supports City of Hope!

To our Sponsors, Guests, Volunteers, Friends & Family, thank you for supporting Spinitar’s Golf for Hope 2016!

This year’s event could not have been a more terrific day of fun and friendship, with all of us coming together to help in the fight against cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Spinitar and City of Hope sincerely thank you for your support and participation!

City of Hope is committed to combining “scientific innovation with the power of human compassion, creating medical miracles every day.” Their amazing work and innovation continues because of those who decided to join us in the fight for cures and HOPE.

We thank our Gold, Silver, and Platinum Sponsors!

Spinitar hosted over 144 people on October 13th at Tustin Ranch Golf Club in Tustin, CA – including golfers, guests, family, and friends. With a desire to be great hosts and an even bigger desire to support City of Hope, we could not have accomplished all we did without the generosity of our partners, sponsors and donors.


crestron-control-av    milestone-av-technologies


harman-amx-av-control  variquest-classroom-av


middle-atlantic-av-furniture  nec-display-solutions  sharp-display-av

Call to carts!

We kicked off the day with a Putting Contest and lunch from The Habit. MMM, it was tasty! If you did make it to the Putting Green, you may have picked up a Bloody Mary from Spinitar’s Gil Gomez, our resident go-to for all things yummy!spinitar-av-golf-for-hope-2016

Based on the honor system, Tustin Ranch Golf Club set up the Putting Contest and awarded John Reda from Sound Marketing West winner. Congrats John and thank you for joining the fight!

Game On – on the green!

As the day continued on the green with beautiful 75-degree weather most of the day, golfers made their way through 18 holes in a scramble format, including contest holes for Closest-to-the-Pin and Longest/Most Accurate Drive. At Hole # 3, sponsored by Cambridge Sound Management, Kyle Moloo from Big Presence was awarded for Closest-to-the-Pin. The second Closest-to-the-Pin contest was at Hole #11 sponsored by Impact Solutions. Patrick Bellor from Southern California Edison measured out 17’4” on Hole # 11 and was therefore also awarded for Closest-to-the-Pin.spinitar-av-technologies-golf-for-hope-2016

Who had the longest drive you ask? Downey High School’s Mark Rand walked away with the win for Longest Drive which was calculated from scores on both Hole #2 sponsored by Sony and Hole # 15 sponsored by Vaddio. Thank you to all golfers for a great game on the green!

Congratulations Kyle, Patrick, and Mark and thank you for joining the fight!

The Winning 4 must be thirsty.

Quenching our thirst throughout the day, Kramer and Samsung sponsored the Beverage Carts providing each golfer with their beverage of choice.

Although our Event Chairs, Adriana Hernandez and Angelique Tavizon, won’t exactly admit that this team called their win from day one of registration sign-ups, the proud winning foursome from CRESA Partners had an unbelievable day of golf recording a score of 53!

Congratulations Jeff Manley, Chris Armato, Taylor Keddinton, and Tony DeFrancis and thank you for joining the fight!

Now let’s all get together.

premier-mounts-av panasonic-av christie-digital-av

After 5 hours of golf, friendship, and fun, golfers and guests gathered to enjoy a champagne chicken and tri-tip dinner, courtesy of Christie Digital, Panasonic, and Premier Mounts. Tustin Ranch’s Chef also treated attendees to a plethora of desserts and sweet treats!

Let’s toast to the cures!

This item is generously sponsored by … We thank you!

Exceeding last year’s amount for funds raised just through purchased raffle tickets and silent bidding, Spinitar was able to raise funds with 22 Auction items and 29 Raffle items! We could not have accomplished this goal without the generosity of the donors, raffle ticket buyers, and bidders, so a special thank you to All who contributed to this fun and exciting part of the event. spinitar-av-solutions-golf-for-hope-2016


Raffle Item Winning Ticket Holder Donor
Tannoy Mercury 7.2 Speakers Tom Larson Tannoy
A Pie A Month All Year Cathy Ahlers Polly’s Pies
LA Kings & Fleming’s Gift Card David Ellis Ed Knopf & Tim McCarthy
Mary Kay Beauty Basket Jodie Park Tiffany Dozier, Mary Kay
Trader Joe’s Items & Visa Gift Card Victoria Dade Trader Joe’s & Starin
Long Beach Aquarium Tickets & The Auld Dubliner Gift Card Whitt Adams Long Beach Aquarium & The Auld Dubliner Gift Card
Golf Bag with Umbrella Tim Reph Janine Zaffino, Spinitar
Samsung 32” Display Tim McCarthy Delphi Display Systems
Gift Card Ben Kane Sonic Foundry
Sweet Treats & Movie Gift Card Maria Lee The Spinitar Family
Disneyland Tickets Kris Mosser The Spinitar Family
Laugh Factory Tickets & Fleming’s Gift Card Alex Marasovich Laugh Factory & Anew CT
Anaheim Ducks Tickets Chris Spangler The Spinitar Family
Laugh Factory Tickets & Fleming’s Gift Card Chris Barnard Laugh Factory & Anew CT
Tannoy Mercury 7.2 Speakers Chris Barnard Tannoy
Callaway Odyssey Wedge Iron Natalie Barker Mark Smith, Spinitar
Nothing Bundt Cakes Natalie Barker Nothing Bundt Cakes
Fleming’s Gift Card & Colby Red Wine Kris Rogina Drake & Cheryl Wayson, Spinitar
Cryptic CA Red Wine 2011 (3L) Steve Rodriguez Rick Kincer, State 31 Wines
Wine Country Gift Basket Andy Bennett Wine Country Gift Baskets
Wine Country Gift Basket Jeff Kane Wine Country Gift Baskets
Callaway Odyssey Wedge Iron Victoria Dade Mark Smith, Spinitar
Lottery Ticket Basket Adriana Hernandez The Spinitar Family
Rams Tickets Barbara Irvin Kristin Gallo
In & Out Burgers Gift Basket Cathy Ahlers In & Out Burgers
Best Buy Gift Cards Tim McCarthy Anew CT
Golf Bag with Umbrella Dave Bright Rick Kincer, State 31 Wines
BBQ Chef Package Steve Riley The Spinitar Family


Auction Item Bidder Name Donor
Golf Anyone? Kris Rogina Tustin Ranch Golf Club
Handmade Wood Game Set Jeff Manley Matthew Kosel, Spinitar
Oregon Home Vacation Jeff Manley Jeff and Barbara Irvin, Spinitar
Come Visit Us Again Adam Nowan Tustin Ranch Golf Club
Golf Membership Jeff Kane Tustin Ranch Golf Club
Trefethen Wine Basket Tim McCarthy John Harmyk, Spinitar
Boutique & Beauty Janet Newon Dry Lounge, Bungalow Bay, and Brighton
Cheers to Fans Too! Jeff Newon BackStreet Brewery and Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim
Come Ride With Me Antonio Dias Jay and Kris Rogina, Spinitar
Toruk – The Camera That Flys Antonio Dias Stampede Global
GOPRO 4 Camera John Gargus Listen Technologies
Marshall Woburn Black John Gargus Biamp
Big Bear Vacation Home Andy Bennett Lizette Spellman
Sound Off Dennis Potts Quantum
Sound Off Edmund Curley Quantum
Samsung Professional Monitor Edmund Curley Larry Schilz, Samsung
Christmas Duffy Boat Ride Chris Barnard Jay and Kris Rogina
Apple Watch Chris Barnard Jeff and Barbara Irvin
Sound Off Anthony Tellez Quantum
Weekend In La Quinta C. Adams Jay and Kris Rogina
Davis Estates Winery Angelique Tavizon Rick Kincer, State 31 Wines
iPad Air 2 Erick Cortez Live Wire


Giving us all hope.

Every new discovery, each patient helped or cured, is a testament to the transformative power of philanthropy. Since City of Hope’s very start, they have relied on the generosity of individuals, companies, foundations, and governments supporting their work. Your participation, as volunteers, sponsors, golfers, and donors, is a part of that amazing effort, and Spinitar thanks you!!

For pictures of the fun, fellowship, and golf, please visit Spinitar’s Facebook page: Facebook page.

PSNI - Audio Visual Services

Better Audio Visual Services Through Partnership: PSNI


Spinitar is a proud member of the Professional Systems Network International (PSNI), a nationwide network of leaders in audio visual services and unified communication integration. This alliance allows us to provide you with audio-visual and unified communication design, integration, installation, and support services across the United States and Canada.


Wherever you work, we can be there.

The PSNI affiliate network meets the requirements best suited to support multi-site, multi-city, and multi-country audio-visual services needs, including:

  • Single-source national coordination, deployment, and project management of pre- and on-site fabricated systems
  • Embedded personnel, crisis and preventative services
  • Established partnerships with enablers, architects, consultants, specialty designers, and contract support
  • Consistent wiring, design, products and software programming at each location
  • On-site staff professionalism for seamless integration and future service/support needs at each location
  • Priority integration and timeline/deadline management to meet client requirements

Spinitar and the PSNI affiliates are a group of award-winning independently owned companies providing exceptional value to and adhering to the highest audio-visual industry standards.


Spinitar Golf for Hope

Golf for Hope benefiting City of Hope – join Spinitar in the fight!

Our team members are passionate about giving back, and we know we can make the greatest impact by providing our financial and volunteer support to charities and community-focused organizations. Here is one cause you can join with us!


Spinitar’s is hosting its 2nd annual Golf for Hope at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club. The tournament benefits City of Hope, a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases nationwide. City of Hope is a pioneer in the fields of bone marrow transplantation and genetics and shares its scientific knowledge with medical centers locally and globally, helping patients battling serious diseases.

Invited guest, Manufacturer Partners, Business Partners, and Spinitarians will participate in both the sponsored tournament and auction over the one-day event, aiming to outstrip last year’s $55K total donation.

Unfortunately, cancer seems to touch all of our lives, even our Spinitar family. Today 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. We’d like to invite you to sponsor and/or donate in support of City of Hope’s enduring and impactful efforts to make our world a place to thrive! Join us in the fight!

For sponsorship and/or donation opportunities, please visit our event page at www.cityofhope.org/spinitar .

For more information about City of Hope, please visit www.cityofhope.org.

AV Equipment

What’s Your Outdated AV Equipment Really Costing You?


Our clients routinely tell us that technology updates are their largest, unplanned expenses. At first glance, spending money on maintaining and replacing your audio visual (AV) system may not seem like a necessary investment, but an outdated or unreliable system could be costing you far more than you realize. Let’s look at a few of the expenses you may not have considered.

Loss of Potential Customers

A mistake we often see is that companies don’t consider on-site, customer visits a part of their brand experience. In reality, everything from how your receptionist greets visitors to the cleanliness of your bathrooms can make a large impact on how potential customers view your brand. Most importantly, however, where do we most often take our visitors? Conference rooms.
Consider this scenario: your beautiful conference room with leather chairs and oak table is prepared with bottled water and a logoed pen and paper at every seat. There are even snacks, sweets, and coffee at the back of the room. Then you start up your presentation on an old projector that no one can see because of the sun is shining in the room. Throughout the meeting, you have to yell to the people sitting across the room because your audio system went down a few months prior.
Just like a nice website or a chic office space, there’s something to be said for bright, new, shiny, state-of-the art AV technology. It makes an impression on people and can alter the way a company is viewed by visitors.

Space and Energy Costs

We’ve seen otherwise nice, large conference rooms collect dust because the AV system badly needed a refresh. This is an area where cost can be hard to identify, but if conference rooms, huddle spaces, auditoriums, etc. are not being used, you are paying for unused space. That’s money down the drain. Not to mention the loss of productivity that these rooms were designed to facilitate. It really doesn’t take much, a dim projector, a fuzzy display, or poor audio and a room is suddenly no longer useful.
More often than not, failing to make updates to AV systems can lead to a bunch of smaller expenses that make an impact in the long run. The large cost of putting a VP or guest speaker on a plane can normally be avoided using video conferencing methods like GoToMeeting or Skype, but staff members lose this option when AV systems aren’t functioning well. Newer AV systems are also significantly more energy efficient. That means additional savings going directly to your bottom line.

IT Time and Expense

Now let’s look at maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair from your IT staff’s point of view. Although digital options have been available for some time now, there are older systems around that are using analog solutions. Organizations that are still using analog should seriously consider upgrading to a newer, digital AV system because it can be connected to the company’s network. This helps the IT crew monitor the system, complete maintenance tasks, and resolve issues faster. They’d be the first to tell you that networkable systems are much easier to manage, update, and fix when broken. Having network access makes their jobs easier, and it minimizes downtime.
Large enterprise customers and those with multiple spaces or locations will experience significant benefits with network-integrated AV systems. Issues can be fixed remotely, saving time and travel expense. This is also a big convenience for those using managed IT services instead of in-house staffing.

Employee Morale and Retention

Qualified and reliable workers are hard to find and keep these days. AV systems that won’t seem to work, or systems that don’t get repaired in a timely manner, are a huge source of frustration for your employees. Lack of proper training on how to use the systems can also be a big culprit here.
Nobody wants to fight with uncooperative equipment in front of a conference room full of co-workers, or worse, a client. Up-to-date technology and proper training make for a less stressful work environment and can help employees feel valued and happier with their jobs. Hiring and training new staff is almost always more expensive than keeping those you already have.

Upfront Costs vs. Long-Term Savings

When our customers sit down with us to discuss upgrading or replacing their current AV systems, often times they only see the costs of products and implementation services involved. However, there are many benefits and savings associated with newer technology. Today’s equipment can provide valuable opportunities in the areas of video conferencing, remote access, and professional presentations that win new clients. We’d love to sit down and talk with you about these exciting possibilities as it relates to your business.

Spinitar-CTA- Showroom

Classroom Visuals

Building a School Culture Through Positive Visual Content

Students and parents need to be assured by the school’s atmosphere and overall presentation while walking around and engaging with the hallways, classrooms and common areas. What better way to engage them than with quality classroom visuals? Customized layouts of learning materials, poster-sized photographs of the school’s own smiling children & faculty, and awards that recognize exceptional students are wonderful ways to build a genuine community within the school and encourage everyone’s success.

Changing Classroom Visuals Often and Easily

If the collateral the students see around school and classrooms never change, they will eventually tune it all out. In order to create a fresh and exciting atmosphere, a school has to occasionally freshen itself up, and the only way this happens is if a school makes it easy for their staff to create new visuals.

When teachers have to provide their own visuals for their classrooms, it can either be expensive to buy or time-consuming to create. The teacher must come up with designs, find photographs and often will pay for the final product out-of-pocket. When a teacher is busy and paying for their own teaching materials and other school supplies, changing their classroom visuals can be daunting and unfeasible, economically. Finding a way to help teachers create these relevant visuals easily and affordably can provide the support and acknowledgement that what they are doing is important and worth their time.

Better Behavior and a Sense of Pride

Looking at any entity that’s trying to build a positive culture, be it a military group, a sports team or a business, you’ll see they all display their pride. They hang up quotes, mission statements and taglines for motivation, they tout the rules that they follow and the great achievements they’ve had. Schools can do the same. To promote good behavior, a school can hang it’s code of conduct in the hallways and teachers can have their own specific to their classrooms. Pictures of alumnus and mascots can promote school spirit. A mural from a street artist can provide a hip, artistic culture or maybe something black and white for a classic culture. If you want your school to have a culture, the school itself, from staff to teacher has to display it proudly.

Helping the Teacher Show, not Tell, the Students

Everyone can remember being stumped by a math problem. And why not? Math feels abstract until students can visualize it; it’s a bunch of rules and the reasoning behind them can be difficult to understand at first. When dividing two fractions, multiply the divisor by the reciprocal? Why? Shrug.

This “indifference” is how many students feel. It makes them feel less than confident . When they have visual learning tools to help show why a rule needs to be followed, however, it’s easier to remember. Instead of verbally explaining a problem to the class, a teacher can show the student with meaningful classroom visuals. If the rule is displayed on a poster in the classroom, students will continue to engage with the material until it makes sense. By creating an environment conducive to learning, a school creates a positive learning culture.

Engaging the Daydreamers With Their Eyes

80% of what we perceive is through sight. Remember when your attention wandered and you started looking around the room? Savvy, enabled teachers can use this daydreaming to their advantage with posters and cut outs about the battles being taught in History or by setting images behind poems being studied in Literature. Classroom visuals like large photographs of real situations showing us abstract concepts can help engage students.

Making People Feel Special

Between losing recess privileges, getting detention and being sent to the principal’s office, students are getting plenty of discipline, but what about positive recognition? When shiny star stickers lose their allure, professional looking plaques and awards can really make a difference. A teacher equipped with the proper tools can also create games to hang on the wall to incentivize good behavior. Imagine a poster that allows the class to move the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria closer to the U.S.A., if they did their homework and can answer the teacher’s questions that day.

The Right Tools for the Job

Teachers can’t afford to purchase their own classroom visuals, let alone turn them over as the curriculum changes throughout the year. Schools looking to improve their culture need to provide basic tools like a poster and cutout makers for their staff. Many of these tools come with their own design center and design templates that make it easy to generate professional looking visuals for the classroom, hallways, and campus in minutes.

With easy-to-construct classroom visuals, the entire school’s culture benefits. By creating interactive and engaging learning experiences using visuals, students will learn cognitively, teachers can contribute their expertise demonstratively and everyone will actually enjoy and benefit!

Visual Learning Tools

Visual Learning Tools

Q&A: The impact of Visual Learning Tools on Lesson Retention in the Classroom


The importance of visual learning tools to lesson retention for students is undeniable at this juncture, as great articles covering visual note-taking by Meghan Everette on Scholastic.com, and 10 Strategies to Enhance Students’ Memory by Glenda Thorne over at ReadingRockets.com demonstrate. We sat down with one of our classroom visual tools experts here at Spinitar to find out how educators are using VariQuest™ visual learning tools to increase lesson retention inside classrooms today.

Q: What are some of the challenges educators are facing when it comes to lesson retention in the classroom or at home?

Michelle: Something we don’t often talk about is the time spent on traditional repetition activities. This allowed students to solidify information in their memory, but has been significantly reduced. One of the major challenges educators now face is more intense course curriculums, which leave teachers with less time-per-topic or time-per-lesson. Larger class sizes, tighter schedules, and increased homework requirements are compounding the problem and leaving educators with less opportunity to put lessons in front of the students’ eyes.

Q: Why is it important to have tools that help with lesson retention?

Michelle: There are two reasons that seem to come up often – time and distractions. The great thing about visual learning tools is that they don’t necessarily require time to be set aside to be effective, like apps and computer programs do. Putting visually appealing and engaging content on the classroom walls and/or into the hands of students makes the lesson more readily available. The repetition of seeing a poster with a particular concept will resonate longer than the blocks of teaching time that are disappearing year over year.

For the kinesthetic and visual learners, these tools can enhance the lessons being given during class and may even trump the lessons given only through temporary visuals and auditory means. These types of learners may have the lesson resonate and remain with them at a higher rate when static visuals are available.

Also, there are many distractions for students both inside and outside of the classroom – family life, social happenings, cell phones, etc. Creating a visual feast in the classroom allows a teacher to transform any room into an interactive learning environment that is different than the world outside. Providing teachers the right tools – like posters, manipulatives, and/or plaque awards for student recognition – will help to reduce distractions in a classroom and to create an environment that is different, engaging, and/or thought provoking. The tools and their effects will have a huge impact on student learning and classroom participation. If for any other reason, because it’s different. It helps set up an attitude of attention and participation when a student knows that the lesson they are about to learn will involve all of their senses.

With visual learning tools, students and parents together can also create their own learning environment at home. Taking the lesson outside of the classroom is also a big factor when it comes to improving lesson retention and impacting critical thinking skills.

Q: In your opinion, what is one of the most effective visual learning tools educators have access to through someone like Spinitar?

Michelle: The Poster Maker/Perfecta gives teachers the ability to create static visual recaps of lessons that students can reference simply with a glance. In some cases, our teachers are even minimizing the visuals into half-posters that students can then take home and display in an area where they spend the most time studying. The ability to create visual content and lessons beyond minimum requirements in the classroom empowers these teachers to go beyond the confines of their classroom, and drive home those lessons.

Teachers are also using the Poster Maker/Perfecta to highlight critical portions of their lessons, incorporating anchor charts and graphic organizers pre-designed within the VariQuest™ software. They are able to put an emphasis on the overarching messages which are critical to helping students understand the value or point of each lesson. Often times, we find that students lose interest in a lesson simply because they missed a key point that could have been better reinforced if the teacher had more facetime with students. Visual learning tools like lesson posters increase that facetime by always being present in the classroom.

Q: What advice would you give teachers struggling to integrate visual learning tools into their lesson plans or routine processes?

Michelle: We know how busy and overwhelmed teachers get in the classroom these days. We work along with Variquest to find ways to simplify the use of these different tools so that teachers can spend more of their time and energy on what to focus their assets on instead of how to create them.

For example, the VariQuest™ software has a number of supplemental learning modules in the subject areas of science, math, language arts, and social studies. These can be used to quickly and easily adapt to the day’s lesson. By removing the requirement of designing, we’re giving teachers back their precious time and removing additional work from their plates.

For more information about visual learning tools, the templates available to VariQuest customers, and how Spinitar can help you in the classroom, email Michelle Cromer at crm@spinitar.com with questions and requests.

Visual Learning Tools

Spinitar is an APEX Audiovisual Provider of Excellence - InfoComm International

InfoComm International’s AV Provider of Excellence, Spinitar’s APEx Certification

Spinitar is excited to announce its most recent and notable certification – APEx.

APEx stands for Audiovisual Provider of Excellence. To date InfoComm International, the global trade association committed to advancing the audiovisual industry, has certified less than 30 companies worldwide as a qualified AV Integrator to be given this prestigious APEx designation.

This designation validates that Spinitar has not only structured processes and certified staff, but that there is a dedication to quality integration and excellent customer service in every facet of our work. This differentiates us from our competition beyond manufacturer and CTS Certifications.

In order to set ourselves apart, Spinitar met the five APEx Certification requirements. Those are:

1. CTS Certified Staff
2. Customer Response Surveys
3. Staff certified in other approved certifications
4. InfoComm University™ courses for the Spinitar team
5. Conformance to InfoComm Standards

“The first three items are all things Spinitar has been doing for some time” Jay Rogina, Co-Owner of Spinitar explains, “This honor speaks volumes about our Teams that diligently obtain and keep CTS certifications, continue to receive great customer feedback, and receive additional certifications through continuing education and various manufacturer partners.”

Spinitar, your AV Integrator, is honored to have this be a demonstration of our quality control and tested competence. As an APEx provider, an InfoComm International® Audiovisual Provider of Excellence, we will continue to show our customers that we are a company that embraces quality and the communication needs of our client wherever they are in the world.

Golf for Hope benefiting City of Hope – join Spinitar in the fight!

Calling All Golfers!

Please join us in the fight!

In partnership with the City of Hope, Spinitar is hosting its inaugural GOLF FOR HOPE Classic benefiting the City of Hope’s cancer research and treatment center. Join us this September at the beautiful Tustin Ranch Golf Course, as Spinitarians, Clients, and Manufacturer Partners hit the green to support City of Hope’s efforts in finding cures and providing treatment for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Unfortunately cancer seems to touch all of our lives, even our Spinitar family. Today 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. We’d like to invite you to sponsor and/or donate to help insure that all funds can go directly toward City of Hope’s enduring and impactful efforts to make our world a place to thrive!

Sponsorship opportunities and golf spots are limited so be sure to reserve yours today! No donation is too small and no heart is too big, so contact us now to help!

We’ve chosen to do an event such as this in hopes that we might make a difference in the ongoing fight for a cure and treatment. For sponsorship and/or donation opportunities, please contact Adriana Jerez at (800) 722-6444 or sales@spinitar.com today!

Join us as we tee off to help City of Hope find the cures for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.