Streaming Media

Streaming media isn’t just for entertainment – engaging content delivery is an essential component to any business’ communication and marketing strategies. You want your clients, customers, and competitors to know that you are serious about how your brand is presented. Having the highest quality audiovisual tools and streaming media solutions delivers the message that your business, brand, and image are all exceptional.

Spinitar has more than three decades of experience designing and implementing the finest audiovisual communication systems. From interactive video presentation tools to collaboration-fostering digital strategies, we specialize in giving you results-oriented AV solutions.

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Spinitar’s streaming media solutions
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The streaming media advantage
Streaming media solutions enable you to create custom, highly engaging content and distribute it live, over the Internet to virtually anyone, regardless of their physical location. The advantage does not stop there – streaming media offers the ability to archive your content directly on your local network or burn it to a CD-ROM. With content that is digital and interactive, your audience is fully engaged and motivated to participate, like never before.

Streaming media delivers results
Medical facilities use streaming media for distance learning presentations with personnel in remote locations. Universities use streaming media to offer live, online courses for students and educators. Courtrooms use streaming media to enable judges and legal professionals to view presentations that may enhance judicial operations.

A flexible, versatile solution
Streaming media solutions make it possible to create video files and synchronize with PowerPoint slides – imagine the flexibility of sending a video file or presentation through email.

Streaming media can drive sales opportunities – imagine customers/clients receiving an interactive, streaming presentation to go with your sales collateral.

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Spinitar’s streaming media solutions can vastly improve productivity and efficiency of business. We have worked with customers from the Fortune 1000 sector and can work with your custom needs. Contact us today (800) 722-6444 or (714) 367-2900.