AV Professional Services

Your choice of an audiovisual and/or unified communication systems will be an important one, as will your choice of AV company. In order to help you protect your investment, we are pleased to have unified communication system design, project management, integration, AV installation, support, and maintenance professionals at your service. Scroll to learn more.

Even more critical to your technology investment is properly and regularly maintaining the system to avoid a potential system mishap that could cause personnel downtime and lost revenue opportunities. That’s why Spinitar is pleased to have the largest dedicated in-house support team in the western region.

Our support and services teams are manufacturer-trained and industry certified, and we will gladly help you decide, integrate, and maintain your products and/or UC systems. We at Spinitar will make sure that you get the very most from your AV environment, while being attentive, competent, and caring.
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AV Systems Design

Audiovisual systems and unified communications solutions have become an essential part of operations in many organizations across a wide range of sectors and industries. Thanks to today’s state-of-the-art AV systems, organizations are able to benefit from fast, clear, and reliable communications that are critical to effective collaboration, satisfied clients, or strong partnerships.
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AV Project Management

Accomplishing the installation and integration of a complete and functional AV or UC solution takes a partnership between the client, their vendors, and our teams. Spinitar aims to simply the whole process.
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AV System Integration

As one of the country’s leading audio visual integration firms, Spinitar offers a full suite of audio, visual and communications solutions, with an extensive portfolio of products and services. Spinitar understands the significance of your technology investment and recognizes that your systems integrator must be qualified, experienced and capable of delivering outstanding work.
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AV Service & Support

It’s a proven fact that it is much more cost-effective to maintain your system on a regular basis than having to repair or replace system components. That’s why Spinitar is pleased to have the largest dedicated in-house support team in the western region. When communication is most vital and at the core of your organization, trust in qualified AV staff and a support team who will work for you.
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AV Staffing

To ensure that your communication goals are met, not only do you need an expert A/V installer who can design, integrate, and install the systems you require, but also dedicated technicians who can ensure that your equipment stays in top working condition. .
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