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The VariQuest® Visual Learning Tools provide innovative instructional support, giving students with diverse learning capabilities the tools to succeed. The specialized instructional solutions, like the Poster Maker™ 3600 here, combine visual and kinesthetic learning experiences, helping to facilitate information retention, student interest, and lateral thinking. VariQuest® Visual Learning Tools allow for a superior interactive classroom experience for both students and educators.
All in One Solution
Our all-in-one solution features a simple, yet durable thermal printing process that allows users to create large visual aids, posters, and banners in seconds, not hours. Since it uses one-color print on single-color paper to create an impactful message, you do not have to change out supply rolls, nor messy inks or toners. See examples on Pintrest & Twitter – @VariQuest!

Have an award-winning poster printer that is especially designed for schools. The Poster Maker Allows users to create large visual aids, posters, and banners in seconds, not hours.

Scan to Print

All-in-one solution features a simple, yet durable thermal printing process.

It’s in the Paper

Uses one-color print on single-color paper to create an impactful message per visual learning and retention standards.

Ink & Toner Free

There are no messy inks or toners.
Creating learning aids with visual appeal has never been this quick and easy! With the Poster Maker 3600, not only will you have an award-winning poster printer that is especially designed for schools, you will also have an effective tool that encourages collective learning, academic achievement, and positive behavior.

Educate, Motivate, Communicate, and Fundraise with the VariQuest® Visual Learning Tools.

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  • Enlarge rubrics, standards, assessments and schedules to set clear expectations of students
  • Promote school-wide communication in a professional manner with posters of school events, activities, standards and more
  • Encourage school morale and pride with motivational posters with your school logo and mission statement
  • Enlarge graphic organizers of key concepts to support retention of presented material
  • Save time by creating visual aids in seconds to reinforce lessons
  • Post professional development posters in the teachers' lounge
  • Fundraise by creating and selling customized posters and banners, for events such as athletics, campus events and school recognition, to student groups, parents and the community
  • Print Speed: 120 seconds for 23" x 32" poster
  • Print Resolution: 300 DPI
  • Technical Specifications: USB Compatible

For service support, repair, and/or training, please contact us at (800) 722-6444 or

Q. How much paper needs to be pulled out when using the auto-cut function?
A. The manufacturers’ recommendation is to pull out 8” of paper to remove any slack. You should make sure that at least 2” of paper is past the cutter.

Q. How can I tell what the length of a finished banner will be? Can I pre-select a size to fit an area of my school?
A. The template length is automatically calculated by the width of the paper installed and the set-up of the original template. The total length of the banner or poster will appear on the “Print Preview” screen before printing. At this time, there is no option that allows you to change the length of a banner or poster template. However, there are templates that are designed to print at a specific length. Please refer to the Content Update II Insert or your Design Center Software v1.2 to view those templates.

Q. Can I still print banners on stand-alone mode?
A. Yes, there is an “Output Sizes” function located within the Menu selections on the LCD panel of the Poster Maker. Please refer to the Poster Maker User’s Guide for assistance.

Q. How do I print from a PDF or other poster creator applications?
A. Please refer to the Design Center User’s Guide for instructions on printing a PDF.

Q. What menu function is used to enlarge a specific area of a document?
A. The menu function is called “Enlarge Area” and is located by selecting the Menu button on the LCD panel of the Poster Maker.

Q. When using the “Enlarge Area” function, should I use a special color of ink when creating the command sheet? Do the lines of the box need to be connected?
A. While you do not need a special ink, it is very important that the lines are solid and connected.

Q. Can I produce multiple copies of a poster when enlarging an area?
A. No. The “Multiple Copies” function is not available when using the “Enlarge Area” function.

Q. How do I adjust the contrast?
A. On the LCD panel of the Poster Maker, press the Menu button twice, then press the Select button. Using the Select button, you can choose to increase or decrease the level of contrast. Press Menu>Clear to accept and get back to the “Standby” screen.

The Poster Maker will retain this new setting until manually adjusted back to normal setting or until the power is recycled. In the event the power is recycled, the setting will return to the factory default.

Q. How do I shut off the auto cut function?
A. On the LCD panel of the Poster Maker, press the Menu button four times to reach the Auto Cut setting. Using the Select key, toggle between On and Off. Press Menu>Clear to accept and return to the “Standby” screen.

The Poster Maker will retain this setting until manually changed back; even if the power is recycled (this is different from the Contrast and Output Size settings).

Q. How do I select the reverse mode when using the Design Center or when making a poster in stand-alone mode?
A. When using the Design Center, select the option “Reverse Print” that appears in the upper right section of the Print Preview Screen.

When making a poster in stand-alone mode, press the Mode button on the panel of the Poster Maker until you see “Reverse” displayed in the LCD panel.

Q. Are my adjustments to the control panel saved when I shut the Poster Maker off or do the settings revert to factory-installed settings?
A. The Contrast and Output Size settings return back to the factory defaults when the power is recycled. All other settings (Auto Cut, Advanced Setup, and Set Unit Lengths) retain changed settings until manually set back to defaults.

Q. Can I make my ProImage Plus3000 or XL3000 PosterPrinter compatible with the VariQuest product line?
A. Yes, the Design Center has a parallel connection that will work with either of these school poster printers. Additional steps are required to use the ProImage Plus3000 and XL3000 PosterPrinter. You'll need to set-up the printer port for use with the parallel connection and installation instructions are included with your Design Center Software CD.

Q. Can I attach both my ProImage PosterPrinter and my new VariQuest Poster Maker 3600 to my Design Center?
A. The Design Center works with either, but you can only have one school poster printer - either the ProImage PosterPrinter or the Poster Maker - connected at a time.

Poster Maker Paper FAQs
Q. Does my Poster Maker 3600 require disposable end caps?
A. No, the end caps for the Poster Maker paper rolls are secured on each roll. The right-side end cap houses a computer chip, which provides paper supply information (type, width and color) to the Poster Maker and Design Center. The chip also communicates the approximate number of feet remaining on the roll of installed paper.

Q. Is there a color-indicator sticker on every paper roll so I can tell the color of paper?
A. Yes, the color indicator is on the outside of the end cap because the end caps are secured into the ends of each roll.

Q. Can I use PosterPrinter paper and end caps in the new VariQuest Poster Maker?
A. No, the secured end caps on the Poster Maker paper were designed differently then the previous removable end caps.

Q. Are supplies still available for PosterPrinter models?
A. Yes, we now sell two types of poster paper. PosterPrinter owners will continue to purchase PosterPrinter paper without end caps.

Q. Is there a price difference between Poster Maker and PosterPrinter paper?
A. There is no price difference between the two types of poster paper.

Q. Are paper roll end caps, tubes, or Poster Maker paper recyclable?
A. The paper core is recyclable, but the end caps need to be removed. The end caps and Poster Maker paper itself are not recyclable.




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