Perfecta™ Plus Design System
The Full-Color Poster & Banner Design System

Create a visual feast for your students.

The VariQuest® Visual Learning Tools provide innovative instructional support, giving students with diverse learning capabilities the tools to succeed. The specialized instructional solutions, like the Perfecta™ Plus Design System here, combine visual and kinesthetic learning experiences, helping to facilitate information retention, student interest, and lateral thinking. VariQuest® Tools allow for a superior interactive classroom experience for both students and educators.

What is in your teacher workroom?

Perfecta™ Plus Printer is the first, full-color poster design system developed exclusively for schools.

Its compact footprint and fully-integrated educational content make it an ideal solution for schools. The Perfecta™ Plus Package contains everything you need, including thousands of educationally relevant templates and graphics to create beautiful, full-color posters! See examples on Pintrest & Twitter – @VariQuest!

The Perfecta™ was awarded Top 100 Products of 2013 & 2015 by District Administration and a 2014-2015 Readers’ Choice Award by School Media.

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This full color, wide-format printing system is designed to work together with the other VariQuest® Visual Learning Tools. The Perfecta™ Plus Design System includes:

All Inclusive System

The Perfecta Plus Design System includes the printer, the Design Center™ touch-screen workstation, VariQuest software, thousands of templates & graphics, scanner and starter supplies!

Easy-To-Use Software

The VariQuest® software featuring more than 2,000 curriculum-based templates as well as 5,000 graphics was developed specifically for educators, staff, parents, and student use.

A Scanner

A scanner is included for quick creation of classroom content. No need to manually adjust driver settings and/or media preferences.

The Stand

A mobile stand with tray for compact and convenient use in any space.

Reinforced and Explicit Instruction

Create full-color posters and banners with the award-winning Perfecta™ 2400. The VariQuest Design Center Software includes thousands of curriculum-rich templates that can easily be customized and printed for immediate use.

These tools do qualify for Title One and other school funding by using them to set objectives in the classroom, to differentiate instruction, and to encourage cooperative learning and improved comprehension.

The Perfect™ Plus Design System helps students prepare for the workforce and support the local community. Watch the video to learn how.

Case Study: Student Power – 21st Century Workplace & CTE

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For service support, repair, and/or training, please contact us at (800) 722-6444 or


  • Post academic standards, test scores and other data charts
  • Promote academic achievement with photo recognition posters
  • Differentiate instruction with large visuals, like mind-maps and infographics
  • Communicate district- and school-wide initiatives with colorful posters and banners
  • Motivate staff and students with colorful posters illustrating school pride and values
  • Promote school events and activities
  • Inkjet technology (CMYK ink)
  • Width: 24"
  • Print Quality: 2400 dpi
  • USB, WiFi, LAN connectivity
  • Weight: 75lb
  • Footprint: (38.9 x 20.9 x 36.7 in)
  • Integrated 8.5" x 11" tray for letter size prints

Perfecta 2400 Technical Documentation

For service support, repair, and/or training, please contact us at (800) 722-6444 or

Q: What advantages does the Perfecta have over other competitive wide format inkjet printers offered to the education market?
A: The VariQuest Perfecta is an all-inclusive system (printer, touch workstation and software) – all designed to work together and developed specifically for schools in mind. While we certainly understand there are other competitive wide-format printers on the market, we feel our solution is better suited for most school applications due to the following:
- Compact footprint and light weight compared to all other models
- Fully integrated and easy to use software application with hundreds of curriculum enhancing poster/banner templates
- Easy to use and operate (4′ touch panel guides the user through media and ink loading)
- Lower cost of maintenance due to an affordable (and user replaceable) print head which retails at just $249.95
- Less ink used during print head cleaning and re-alignment process due to no tubing mechanism (which needs to be filled with ink at all times)

Q. How much ink is included with the starter ink cartridges that are bundled with the Perfecta 2400? How much ink is included in a full cartridge?
A: Yes, the touch screen is easy to use, doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space and will not tie-up IT resources. Also, the Design Center comes pre-loaded with the necessary product drivers and software application to run the VariQuest tools, so it’s ready to use right out of the box. Any user can approach the touch screen without having to log on to a computer and begin using the software.

Q: Can I load Microsoft Office software, Microsoft Office Publisher software or Corel on the Design Center?
A: Starter ink (per cartridge) – Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow = 12ml; Black = 38ml
Full ink (per cartridge) – Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow = 29ml, Black = 80ml

Q: How many posters can I print from the starter set and full set of inks? What is the cost per poster?
A: Ink usage varies based on many variables – type and amount of content on poster, output size, paper type, print speed, and printer maintenance. That said, Varitronics conducted tests to estimate the average cost per poster using Perfecta Heavyweight Coated paper. Please contact your authorized VariQuest representative for additional information.

Q: Can you use the Perfecta to print something in grayscale? Does the printer use any of the colored ink (Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow), or does it use only the black ink cartridge?
A: Yes, the printer could potentially use CMY inks to complete the greyscale printing. With inkjet technology, there are several circumstances when color ink may be used – primarily to improve print quality, and improve printer reliability – even if the document appears to be only black text and graphics. Some images that look black may contain a combination of black and color inks. For black and white images and photos, a blend of colors called ‘composite black’ may be used to achieve better image quality and smoother gray tones. The nozzles also must be primed for the printer to operate – a tiny amount of CMY inks are used in this process. That said, you can reduce the color inks used by modifying the driver settings.

Q: Can the Perfecta posters be hot or cold laminated?
A: Perfecta Bond – Hot and Cold
Perfecta Heavyweight Coated – Hot and Cold
Perfecta Semi-Gloss Photo Paper – Hot and Cold
Perfecta Gloss Photo Paper – Hot and Cold
Perfecta Matte Polypropylene – Cold lamination only
(See ink drying time under Operating Conditions later in this section.)

Q: What are the operating conditions and storage temperatures of the Perfecta printer and supplies?
A: Perfecta™ 2400 Printer
Operating temperature: 41 to 104F
Storage temperature: -13 to 131F
Operating humidity: 20 to 80% RH
Perfecta™ Inks
Operating temperature: 41 to 95°F
Storage temperature: -40 to 140°F
Operating humidity: 10 to 90% RH
Perfecta™ Media (will vary slightly depending on paper type)
Operating temperature: 59 to 86°F
Storage temperature: 30 to 70% RH
Drying time:
Bond/Coated = instant dry
Photo Satin/Gloss = 5 minutes
Matte Polypropylene = 11 minutes

Q: Is there a shelf life on Perfecta Ink and Media?
A: Varitronics’ products include a one year warranty. Varitronics will monitor shelf life and inventory levels to ensure a quality product is delivered to the customer.

Q: Is the Perfecta Matte Polypropylene Paper designed for outside use? Will the ink bleed/run when it gets wet (rain, sprinklers, mist, etc.)?
A: The Perfecta Matte Polypropylene Paper cannot be hot laminated. The ink will bleed if it gets wet. Cold lamination will help protect from moisture – as well as fading. We recommend using the VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510 when laminating heat-sensitive materials.

Q: Can I laminate Perfecta posters with the 24″ ProFinish® Cold laminating System?
A: Varitronics tested and, while it is possible to feed the 24″media through the 24″ ProFinish Cold Laminator, there is an extremely high chance of the poster wrinkling. For optimum results, it is recommended to upgrade to the VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510.

Q: Does the Perfecta print edge-to-edge?
A: Margins for the Perfecta are: (top x bottom x left x right)
Roll: 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 in
Sheet: 0.2 x 0.67 x 0.2 x 0.2 in

Q: Will the Perfecta print certificates?
A: 8.5″ x 11″ certificates can be printed using the built-in sheet fed tray.

Q: What size posters does the Perfecta print? I understand it is 24″ wide but can it be adjusted to print longer in length like banners? How versatile is it in adjusting the end product size of posters?
A: The VariQuest poster sizes are pre-set in the VariQuest software. Most posters will be output at 24″ x 33″. Banners will vary in length depending on the template used. Currently there is no way to scale the output to a different size from the pre-selected size.

Q: Is the Perfecta 2400 Mac-compatible?
A: Yes, the Perfecta is Mac OS compatible however, the VariQuest software is not. The Perfecta 2400 printer can be used with any Mac-compatible graphic design software program, just not VariQuest software. Please contact your authorized VariQuest dealer or Varitronics Technical Support to obtain Mac-compatible drivers for your Perfecta.

Q: What is the estimated life expectancy of the Perfecta?
A: Normal printer use means 800,000 m Carriage traveled distance (which corresponds approximately to more than 15,000 A1 prints on average). Under normal conditions, it will be approximately more than 5 years before the printer needs maintenance. If the printer is used more than the normal usage conditions, then it will need maintenance service more frequently.

Q: What type of file works best for importing a graphic or illustration into the DC 2300?
A: Graphic files that use any of these supported formats will be displayed:
- Bitmap (*.bmp)
- TIFF (*.tif)
- JPEG (*.jpg)
- Portable Network Graphic (*.png)
- Windows Metafile (*.wmf)

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