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Both public and private interests benefit from unified communications solutions. Your clients, students, staff, colleagues, patients, and congregations rely upon your ability to send and receive vital information effectively. At Spinitar, we specialize in AV system design, collaboration, system integration, and AV installation for a broad range of industries and applications. We pride ourselves in providing technology solutions that benefit not only the corporate sphere, but education, medicine, civic operations, and houses of worship. We build strong communication, so you can build strong communities.


Since 1986, Spinitar has helped clients achieve their communication goals and technology needs by simplifying the whole process from conception to design, integration to user interaction. Whether you want to improve classroom learning modules for more effective instruction or stimulate collaborative learning among students, we at Spinitar can be of service.
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Whether moving into a new facility or upgrading an existing one, Spinitar can transform the way you do business. By providing the best and most appropriate communication and information technology solutions – we can meet your functional, budgetary and implementation requirements.
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Federal and State Governments

With over 25 years of industry experience, Spinitar has worked with-in a vast array of spaces, ranging from emergency operation centers, courtrooms, council chambers, and secure meeting/briefing rooms – allowing you to more effectively share and disseminate information throughout the agency or to a public audience.
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Audio visual and communication systems can aid in both, the efficiencies of staff and the patient experience. With studies on the benefits of healing environments accumulating, health care organizations have begun to incorporate features into hospital design that reduce stress and promote healing.
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Hospitality and Entertainment

The success of Casinos, Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Lounges and Convention Centers is directly attributed to the guest experience. At Spinitar, we recognize the need for integration to appear seamless, as well as add to the ambiance and aesthetics of the client’s space. Providing a reliable, integrated system will enhance the guest visit by offering a memorable experience.
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House of Worship

Spinitar can provide your house of worship with state-of-the-art audio visual systems that are versatile, functional and necessary for building a community where all members can see, hear, and participate in the worship experience.
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Audio Systems, Video Technologies Serve a Wide Range of Markets

As a world-class technology provider, Spinitar is dedicated to making your life easier through not only our audio systems and video conferencing systems, but also our unified communication integration services and solutions. We will work hard to propel your project to success from start to finish, including helping you with the initial design, leading you through the installation process, and providing ongoing maintenance.

With our audiovisual (AV) technologies, you can even choose to present information using today’s top-of-the-line projection screens. The projector screen options are more affordable and greener than ever before and allow you to impress your audience when the size of the image you are displaying matters. Spinitar can simplify for you the process of choosing an AV presentation system that takes into consideration the content you wish to present as well as image resolution and color, room configuration, and lighting.

One trend worth noting today is the use of BYOD – “bring your own device”—technology, which enables smartphone and tablet users to become active participants in meetings. Through collaboration technology, they can exchange communications on a variety of platforms, easily sharing data with others and even editing and highlighting live—the presenter is no longer the only person who can do this.

Ranging from our unparalleled classroom technology to our mobile conferencing systems for the healthcare field, we at Spinitar offer a vast array of technology solutions that are sure to meet your implementation, budgetary, and functional requirements long-term.
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