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Making the Makerspace: How to Get Started Today


“In a makerspace, students get to make their own meaning.”

– Karen Cheser, Maker Movement

Educators love the Makerspace concept, because it allows students to dig in and explore concepts they may have learned from lectures, books and written assignments in a whole new way. Whether you already have a space in your school, or are exploring the Makerspace as a new project, the benefits to students for STEM and STEAM learning are a great motivation to think about the newest technologies and supplies that can help students win!

Creating a Makerspace at Your School is Closer Than You Think

If you’re looking into ways to encourage hands-on learning at your school this year, it’s not too late to start planning your Makerspace. Our brand new eBook walks you through the main issues to consider, and offers advice on equipment, curriculum and funding.

Have Fun With Your Makerspace!

  • Include equipment like a poster maker, or a cutout maker so students can design and print visual learning tools.
  • Encourage students to build things like duct tape wallets, night lights or bird houses to get them off of devices and into the real world manipulation of objects.
  • Expand horizons with coding stations, graphic design programs and other computer-based learning that helps students move toward the careers of the future.

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