Lecture Capture Systems

Lecture capture systems are becoming increasingly essential in contemporary academic environments. Students are demanding the option of accessing presentations, seminars, and lectures remotely – and on their own timetable.

With streaming media and advanced collaborative learning tools, institutions can provide remote learning material that is every bit as immersive, engaging, and comprehensive as what is delivered in the physical classroom. At Spinitar, we strive to provide instructional technology that allows institutes of learning optimum flexibility.

Capture content live. . .
. . . on a blend of hardware and software.
. . . from a classroom podium, office, or home.
. . . for students/employees with accessibility challenges.
. . . for HD recording and high-quality learning materials.
. . . for Media Uploading and/or Live Webcasting.
. . . automatically and on a schedule.

Whether it is classroom capture systems, customized podiums, or audiovisual presentation tools, we will deliver the unified communication experiences that guarantee the most effective technology for your needs.

Educators and Presenters appreciate the non-disruptive ability to manage recording schedules, equipment, cataloging and publication of live lecture. Most systems involve little to no technical support for user set-up, adoption, and maintenance.
Capture the live lecture and also supplement course material from multiple sources like slide shows, smartboards, presentation materials, secondary sources, exam prep materials – knowledge that will be accessible anytime! For those concerned with private and public funding, Lecture Capture tools are proven to increased engagement and participation in class, and ultimately affect student retention and graduation rates.

Presentation and complimenting materials can be accesses anywhere and anytime. Additional functionality of these AV systems encourages questions to be asked during live streams, sharing with others, playback for clarification without distorted audio, and so much more.

Spinitar will help address critical issues with your support departments when it comes to communication strategies, documentation, security, analytics, content management and distribution.

Lecture Capture systems provide captures and webcasts that are reliable, high quality and work on any device. Automatically publish what you’ve captured with no manual steps or tech support.

Contact us today to capture the power of AV Technology!