Introducing HelpPoint+™ by Spinitar

The New Standard in AV Tech Support

Spinitar’s Customer Success Team handles millions of dollars of audiovisual technology for forward-thinking organizations around the world. HelpPoint+ brings instant information and live support to every space.



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Your instantly scalable on-site document repository & web-app with a fully integrated video/voice helpdesk. Every customer experience is different, from the environment it occurs in, to the type of support you require. That’s why a one-size-fits-all approach to live & instant support is never going to truly cut it. So we’ve created a system that offers the right help, at the right place, at the right time. A space-specific customer support portal designed to work seamlessly with your business and your employee needs.

Instant support for every technology

  • Instant support information for each specific space/device

  • Maximizes Uptime

  • Virtual concierge - LIVE video option to get user POV

  • Enhance the employee experience

  • Increase AV investment adoption and ROI

HelpPoint+ is Perfect for:

Meeting/Conference Rooms

Huddle Spaces

Equipment Racks


Information Kiosks

Individual Devices

Your Instant Help Desk Platform

Self-Help AV Portal

Perfectly suited for entities that believe in employee empowerment, immediacy, self-help and improving employee experiences.

QR/NFC/Web Scan

When scanned through a mobile device, each code directs you to your own custom portal, made for your brand and your situation.

Integrated Video Helpdesk

A HelpPoint+ technician can access installation information customized to that single geographic site.

In-App Documention

Provide space-specific user guides, installation instructions, and how-to videos.

Asset Management

Organize IT documentation for each space and connected device all in one portal.

Facilities Support

Report issues with rooms/spaces and request live helpdesk and/or on-site support.

Live Support From Anywhere in the World

Your support team will be able to access the HelpPoint+ system through a web browser or mobile app to get live video helpdesk support wherever they are.

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