Audiovisual and unified communication systems can aid in staff efficiencies and patient experience. With studies on the benefits of healing environments strongly indicating that design fosters wellness, health care organizations have begun to incorporate features into hospital design that reduce stress and promote healing. Interactive audiovisual systems give patients and physicians diverse tools that enhance the therapeutic environment.

At Spinitar, we focus on how technology within a hospital or clinic space can help make it more conducive to the healing process, while also optimizing operations. With the appropriate AV systems, you can create a comfortable and pleasing environment that relaxes patients, and allows physicians to deliver an exceptional level of care.

Our highly trained system designers work with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to gain valuable insight into environments that promote healing by providing soothing sounds and visual stimulation. Our customized AV solutions and unified communication experience optimize clinic and hospital space, so that healthcare professionals are given every possible resource to promote healing.

A few frequently integrated technologies in the healthcare industry are:
    • Video conferencing
    • Mobile healthcare conferencing systems
    • Digital signage | Way-finding and client information
    • Audio | Background music and paging
    • Display walls
    • Emergency management systems| Audio and visual notifications

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