GSA Contract # GS-03F-0001P

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CMAS # 3-10-58-077G

Our GSA and CMAS mission is to provide a GSA and a CMAS schedule that will bring government customers and audiovisual (AV) technology solutions together by making the choices simple and the process seamless. We are committed to supporting our government in its effort to integrate the best that AV and UC (united communications) technology has to offer.

Spinitar Offers Quality AV Tech Solutions for the Government.

Local, state and federal government facilities and organizations rely on audio, visual, and data technology solutions that provide mission-critical, 24×7 up time and operations. Spinitar is here to ensure that your message is heard. We are pleased to offer product and integration services through our U.S. General Services Administration contract (GSA) for our federal customers and California Multiple Award Services contract (CMAS) for our state and local government agencies.

At Spinitar, we offer video conferencing solutions that enable teams in different locations to collaborate, communicate, and share invaluable information in an effective way that saves the resources, money, and time you would normally spend on travel-related expenses. We can help you to integrate communications and improve productivity through the delivery of a real-time communication experience.

We also offer a wide range of meeting collaboration tools and digital signage solutions that enable you to powerfully reach your audience. What makes us stand out in the industry is that we do not simply provide you with the technology you need: We can actually perform a needs analysis, provide system training and support, and even help you to manage your system from day to day.

Our integrated AV/IT services and IP telephone solutions are also second to none, along with our emergency management systems and our copper and fiber infrastructure. We further understand the need for secure conferencing solutions for our government customers, which is why we offer a SIPRNET secured premise distribution solution. This solution meets NSTISSI No. 7003 requirements so that classified information that is transmitted will not end up in the wrong hands.

We can provide the perfect experience for you, including a smart “huddle space” or “huddle room” as well as a control room complete with command and control systems. We further offer classroom solutions and training room solutions as well as 4k screen solutions, which means your meeting/conference participants can enjoy sharper images and more engaging content, thanks to a larger number of pixels. Green AV, effective cable management, and high-quality streaming media are also available through Spinitar.

Since 1986, Spinitar has been committed to improving military operations through strategic design and the development of integrated mobile military communication systems allowing you to collaborate in the field or between bases. Learn More

Spinitar has worked with many government organizations at the city, state and federal level including: Boeing, Camp Pendleton, China Lakes NWS, Federal Aviation Administration, FISC Pearl Harbor, Fort Hauchuca (U.S. Army), NASA-AMES, SPAWAR, U.S. Air Force: Beale and Travis, U.S. Navy: North Island and Point Loma, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our extensive work in a variety of spaces, including secure briefing/meeting rooms, council chambers, courtrooms, and emergency operation centers, makes us a top choice when you want to effectively disseminate information throughout a government agency or to the public.