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Green technology is more than just a trend. It is a money and resource-saving strategy that will reduce your environmental impact and deliver a positive brand message. Spinitar’s Green AV solutions are fully integrated, industry-specific, and user-friendly. Our green strategies are guided by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles, so your AV solutions will enhance your LEED-mandated standard of environmental excellence. We provide the tools that allow you to maximize efficiency by utilizing your entire space effectively. Your communication systems will be sophisticated, immersive, flexible, and secure, while simultaneously being thoroughly eco-friendly.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria can guide design by proposing long term energy saving alternatives for presentation systems and facility designs.

The Green AV movement is already underway – in large part due to a need to minimize energy used and limit the environmental impact on those who use these spaces.

How can Audio Visual Integration contribute to your LEED rating?

LEED requirement – Energy and Atmosphere: Contribute to the energy efficiency of your building.
AV Solutions:
  • Systems designed to power down automatically.
  • Use of Energy Star-compliant products.
  • Mirror mounts used when installing a ceiling projector reduces heat load.
  • Daylighting – using skylights, atriums, or window walls lets in an abundance of daylight and offers outside views.
  • Recessed LCD displays in alcoves preserves contrast ratio.
  • Automated shade control provides a balance of daylight performance.
  • Choice of shade fabric reduces glare but still lets in natural light

LEED requirement – Sustainable Sites:
Pursue ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION to reduce carbon emissions. AV solution: Demonstrate how AV conferencing technologies have reduced an organization’s carbon footprint, by providing alternate compliance paths to existing telecommuting credits.

LEED requirement – Materials and Resources:
Increased use of recycled or renewable resources harvested with minimal impact on the environment AV solutions:
  • Recycled denim used as acoustical dampening material.
  • Recycled newspapers used as acoustical ceiling tiles.
*Manufacturers that have adopted EMS (Environment Management Systems) are using recycled material and also have a recycle program in place for any end-of-life equipment.

LEED requirement – Indoor Environmental Quality:
Improve indoor air quality.

AV solution: Specify AV products such as screens and millwork with low-emitting, volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Referenced PDF documents found on

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