With over 30 years of industry experience, Spinitar can determine the needs of government agencies and assess the best way to meet their audiovisual and video teleconferencing needs. At Spinitar, we engineer a solution and present it in a detailed proposal using a “best value” approach where we offer the right balance between quality, ease-of-use, reliability, maintainability and expandability.

Specially-designed Unified Communication Systems for:
    Delivering sensitive data to staff

    Delivering sensitive data to staff

    Sensitive government environments need secure communication systems. Spinitar provides the latest audiovisual technology to keep crucial information flowing where it needs to, while maintaining the integrity crucial to security of sensitive information.

    Rapid sharing of public information

    Rapid sharing of public information

    Sharing and receiving of public information may require an immediate response or action. At Spinitar we provide our customers with high performance technology they can count on.

    Conducting immersive and engaging meetings

    Conducting immersive and engaging meetings

    Technology performance is crucial when conducting a meeting. At Spinitar we equip our customers with the proper tools and training they need to connect with people in and outside of their network.

    Secure video and teleconferencing

    Secure video and teleconferencing

    At Spinitar, network security is a priority of ours. Having installed hundreds of quality and secure communication systems, our highly trained staff is prepared to deliver a system our customers can trust.

    Environmentally-friendly office solutions

    Environmentally-friendly office solutions

    Give your team a workspace they can be proud of. With our carefully designed office solutions, your employees and facility guests will have the tools they need to work more proficiently and productively.


    How does Spinitar integrate with government agencies?

    Spinitar determines the government’s needs and assesses the best approach to meeting their audiovisual and video teleconferencing needs. We engineer a solution and present it in a detailed proposal using “best value” approach where we are not necessarily the least expensive approach but the right balance between quality, ease-of-use, reliability, maintainability and expandability. At times these designs have to meet security concerns if the system or environment is classified.

    What types of government agencies does Spinitar work with?

    Spinitar works with every branch of the government including the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of State, the Department of Commerce, the Department of the Interior and nearly every civilian agency.

    What are some examples of the government work Spinitar has done?
    • Command Center for the US Special Forces stating at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti
    • US Embassies in Dublin, Ireland, Nairobi, Kenya, Vienna, Austria and Hanoi, Vietnam among others.
    • US Dept of Veterans Affairs Emergency Operations Center in Boston
    • Ohio Army National Guard Cyber Command Center, Columbus
    • US Geological Survey, Louisiana
    Why would a government agency choose Spinitar as their integrator?

    Spinitar has vast experience designing, engineering, integrating, programming, testing, training, documenting and providing follow-on support to a vast array of government agencies with a proven track record and excellent references.

    Does Spinitar charge for estimates?

    Spinitar provides no-cost estimates and recommendations at government request along with appropriate methods of contracting for the goods and services when desired.

    How does Spinitar provide the right solutions?

    Spinitar reviews government requirements, objectives and goals and tailors solutions to address them all.

    Is a warranty program included?

    Spinitar provides a full year warranty with numerous on-going service options.

    How are solutions determined?

    Spinitar creates solutions that look forward rather than backward (e.g. digital distribution) but understands that legacy products (such as older computers with VGA) need to be incorporated. Flexibility, maintainability, expandability and reliability are key discriminator in our design approach.

    Are there any hidden fees?

    No! Spinitar works hard to exceed government expectations at no additional cost to the government.


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