Federal and State Government

Government agencies’ communication technologies must be swift, effective, and secure. At Spinitar, we understand your desire for strategic systems design, and we are dedicated to providing it. Your offices have unique needs, and our customized audiovisual solutions deliver tailored, task-oriented results. Our technology solutions work for you, so that you can work for your communities.



Spinitar Created Experiences

Specialized Systems Design

Our team of dedicated professionals provide system integration for local, state, and federal facilities. Our staff not only performs, systems design, and AV integration, we also provide thorough support and maintenance services. Whether you require digitally enhanced council chambers, control room technology upgrades, or more efficient conferencing tools, Spinitar has the experience, dedication, and expertise to offer you outstanding solutions.

Your Concept – Our Design

Your facility’s requirements are specific, unique, and non-negotiable. What you need your communication technologies to achieve, must be achieved – period.

At Spinitar, we fully appreciate the fact that your office has responsibilities that are of vital importance to your districts. Our team offers a full consultation, so that you have a hand in developing your ideal custom technology platforms. We take pride in designing communication solutions that meet our clients’ individual challenges. When you tell us what you need, we listen.

Our specially designed unified communication systems can give you the tools to:

    • Deliver secure information and ideas to your internal staff.
    • Share rapidly information and ideas to the public.
    • Conduct immersive, productive, and engaging meetings.
    • Teleconference and video conference securely, quickly, and reliably.
    • Produce high-quality, digitally assisted presentations.
    • Enhance the productivity and efficiency of internal staff.
    • Train your staff efficiently.
    • Maintain your office in an environmentally friendly way.
    • Archive your high-volume content securely.

We provide ultra high-definition 4k options, which produce stunningly vivid images and streaming media. Ultra-HD can give your presentations a vibrancy that engages the audience and gives your content added value to the viewer. Moreover, this new technology can be integrated into your audiovisual strategy well within your budgetary guidelines.

It is of the utmost importance that you are able to use your AV tools quickly and effectively. We offer our clients user-friendly, unobtrusive technologies that are as easy to navigate as they are sophisticated. Furthermore, we provide a cable management system, which conceals and protects cables and wires. You can have your technology instantly accessible to you, without your technology making itself evident to your staff, guests, or public. We give you the tools you need, without the extras you don’t.

Our UC & AV Solutions

At Spinitar, we design exceptional customized audiovisual and UC platforms for a variety of industries, but we don’t stop there.

One of the biggest issues with technological upgrades is the oftentimes difficult period of adjustment. Our project management team provides staff training in the use of all of our systems designs. We make sure that everyone in your office is thoroughly comfortable employing the new technology correctly, and that no valuable time is lost during the integration transition.

We recognize that your government office needs consistent communications tools that remain fully functional regardless of the circumstances. Our team of audiovisual professionals offers dedicated support, maintenance, diagnosis, and repair for all of our system integration projects.

Spinitar is one of the industry’s oldest and most respected AV technology providers. Since 1986, we have provided an uncompromisingly high level of service to diverse markets. We are steadfast about making sure you have the very best communications tools at your fingertips – and we will always work to keep them that way.