Spinitar works every day to be your partner in education technology. We deliver the solutions that allow classrooms to function efficiently, flexibly, and productively. We work with you to accommodate your teaching style, your student’s varied learning requirements, and your institute’s goals and standards. Whether you require audiovisual learning tools, B.Y.O.D. classroom technology/wireless presentation, or customized podiums, Spinitar will work with you to optimize the learning experience you want to deliver.
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Distributed audio, annotation tools, assistive listening, B.Y.O.D., classroom control, custom podiums and lecterns, distance learning, room scheduling, sound masking, lighting control systems, video projection and screens, wayfinding, and so much more!

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The right AV technology provider.
How effectively do your students access and retain vital information? Is your learning environment immersive and engaging? Does your instructional technology give your students every possible opportunity for growth, collaboration, and development? With the right audiovisual classroom technology, you can provide students with the tools they need to succeed academically and professionally.
Higher Education – Colleges, Universities, & Trade
If you walk onto any modern college campus, you will immediately see how intertwined personal information technology is with advanced education. Spinitar recognizes the need for students and universities to integrate communications technologies seamlessly, so that course information and materials can be immediately accessible, classroom collaboration is optimized, and students have diverse options for distance learning. Here is a sampling of the learning environments and spaces that Spinitar’s AV experts have designed, integrated, and/or serviced on Higher Education campuses:
  • In-Classroom Technology
  • Auditorium
  • Conference Rooms
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Library/Information Centers
  • Computer Labs
  • Lecture Halls
  • Distance Learning Spaces
  • Student Association Buildings
  • Cafeterias and Food Courts
  • On-Campus Signage
Learn more about Spinitar’s AV System Design Qualifications here. Today’s industries are dependent on advanced communications technologies. Higher learning institutions and trade schools are increasingly pressured to provide resources that prepare their students for the specific demands in the workplace. We provide optimized learning spaces that include not only the most sophisticated learning tools, but resources that create a professional environment. From athletic facilities, to student association buildings, to cafeterias and food courts, Spinitar helps learning institutes provide the highest quality communication, education, training, and development. The entire team at Spinitar is passionate about delivering the very best classroom audiovisual communication tools and strategies. Your students deserve an enriching learning environment, and we are committed to helping you provide it. Support, flexibility, and excellence – you require it, and we deliver it. Every day.
K-12 education faces numerous economic limitations, an increasingly diverse student population, and sometimes unmanageable classroom sizes. In the face of today’s challenges, it is more important than ever for a classroom to have the communication technologies that allow students and instructors to navigate a sometimes difficult educational terrain. We understand the inherent difficulties, and we strive to develop strategies that allow for growth, motivation, and excellence, at every grade level. Regardless of the institute’s scale, funding, or public or private status, students must receive every possible technological advantage. A student’s ability to learn, compete, and flourish depends upon the quality and effectiveness of your tools. At Spinitar, we work with educational facilities to design and develop communication resources that not only meet the needs of the students and instructors, but are tailored to function within the institute’s budgetary constraints. Spinitar can equip your learning environment, regardless of the type of learner, with an audiovisual and communication solution that increases the effectiveness of communication and improves student retention and participation. For example, the VariQuest Visual Learning Tools are helping over 36,000 schools across North America better educate, motivate, communicate, and fundraise. Learn more about the VariQuest Visual Learning Tools here. Spinitar specializes in providing customized AV learning tools that give both instructors and students maximum flexibility, information deliverability, and opportunities for collaboration and participation. As an instructor, you want your students engaged at the outset in order to build the best foundation for information absorption and scholastic achievement. Visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning tools enhance every student’s natural ability.
AV Internships at Spinitar!
Technology is so much more than outer space, computers, and robots. The Audio-Visual Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world! AV professionals, from designers to engineers, sales to marketing, field technicians to project managers, earn an admirable living in an exciting high-tech field. Interested? Email your resume and why you are interested to Jeff Irvin at Come see a future of possibilities!