Education Enrichment Through Design Tools and Customization

The Client

Duncan Polytechnical High School is a learning environment focused on career pathways for students striving for success in Fresno, CA. The school’s mission is to equip its graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their future education and chosen careers. Duncan Poly provides a special focus on Applied Technology and Health Sciences with rigorous academics, real-life work experiences and extracurricular activities.

The Challenge

Though Duncan Polytechnical High School has worked hard to promote learning in the areas of applied technology and applicable career skills for a high tech world, its systems and learning tools needed to be refreshed to keep up with its mission. Tri-fold presentation boards and posters with printed and pasted titles, or even hand written information were the norm. For students interested in developing skills for the 21st century workforce, this method of creating class presentations and announcements seemed outdated. As one instructor put it, “the final product always looked like an elementary school student created the presentation. Some were presentable, but the majority of them looked like they were made by a sixth grader.”

The Approach

The Multimedia teacher at Duncan Polytechnical High School eventually found the right tools to help students achieve their dreams and properly prepare for the workforce. After finding VariQuest learning tools like the Perfecta 3600, Spinitar was brought in to provide the perfect solution by procuring, installing and servicing a brand new tool.

The Solution

Using Perkins funding, the high school was able to purchase a Perfecta 3600STP full color poster design system and do away with the old school tri-fold and poster presentation process that was holding students back from expressing their full creativity and showcasing their experiences and academic achievements in the right way. 

The Perfecta wide-format poster design system – bundled with VariQuest Software for designing presentations and posters – include thousands of curriculum-rich templates, and major opportunity for customization. Now students and teachers can create professional quality presentations without the scissors and glue!

Promoting Project-Based Learning

Positive Reinforcement in Academics

Differentiation of Instructional Demonstrations

“The customer service was excellent from the account manager at Spinitar. We had some supplies issues that were addressed in a timely and professional manner. They have also been very responsive to technical questions and issues.”

— Doug Urabe, Teacher, iData

The Results

Duncan students now have a hands-on experience with design software and template customization and can present their visual creations with confidence. The high school put the Perfecta 3600STP to use, creating informative tri-fold posters. Utilizing Variquest Learning Tools, classrooms can create engaging, stunning visuals that foster a sense of community and school spirit.

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