Control Room Solutions

Your control room requires strategic audiovisual system design, and Spinitar delivers. As an audiovisual systems integrator since 1986, we provide exceptional control room, command center, Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and Network Operations Center (NOC) solutions. We design the systems that enable you to conduct your duties efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, securely.

Spinitar is an AV technology provider dedicated to providing both public and private industries with the necessary communications tools for optimum productivity and collaboration. Our secure AV systems are designed, integrated, and installed by manufacturer-trained and certified technicians, expert in everything from system design to product support. Furthermore, we offer expert LEED AV integration, for your green AV needs.

You want security, reliability, and functionality. Spinitar works every day to provide it.
When you oversee mission-critical processes, you cannot afford to rely on anything less than a world-class audiovisual system design. As an industry-leading audiovisual systems integrator, we at Spinitar can plan and design the perfect AV system for you—one that incorporates today’s collaboration technologies so that you have a top-tier control room for your data-driven environment. We provide solutions for a multitude of industries, ranging from local government to the military, transportation, utilities, oil and gas, mining, and emergency services.

When providing for you the perfect network operations center (NOC), we will focus on making sure that your technology, ergonomic, and aesthetic needs are met. We can either create a whole new capability or upgrade a currently existing facility in a way that not only meets but also exceeds your expectations. The secure AV system we provide is easy to upgrade, is user-friendly, is compatible with other services, and gives you the ability to share high-resolution video with executive-level officers in distant locations. We are also known for our LEED AV/green AV systems, which allow you to minimize your impact on the environment and save energy long-term.

In addition to providing the right AV system for you, we take things one step farther: We also service these technologies. We realize that having a successful command center or emergency operations center requires qualified support staff. That is why we have the biggest support and service organization on the United States’ West Coast and can easily develop a proper maintenance plan that gives you reliable service from one day to the next.