Collaboration Technologies – Increasing Reach, Productivity, and Engagement

Are your meetings effective? Do your presentations encourage collaboration? Does your AV technology allow you and your team to share and capture content efficiently? Are your students engaged both in and out of the classroom? At Spinitar, we work tirelessly to make sure that your answer is always yes.


Wireless Presentation Systems – Thorough, Immersive, Effective.

At Spinitar, we see the trend of organizations moving from large formal meeting rooms to smaller, less formal, and more collaborative spaces. The ability of your organization’s teams to collaborate efficiently and easily has become absolutely essential, even when they are using different devices. This creates the unique challenge of hosting effective meetings in spaces without elaborate AV systems. It also creates a challenge in that the nature of meetings has moved from a one-to-many type presentation to a truly collaborative and often wireless experience.

Your audiovisual collaboration system must accommodate multiple technologies and provide the needed flexibility. You have to share, capture, and present content, regardless of the types of tools preferred by your colleagues and team members. In a “bring your own device” (B.Y.O.D/B.Y.O.T) technology world, Spinitar can help build a dynamic collaboration system which will allow multiple connected users to wirelessly share content, stream full High-Defination video, annotate documents, and whiteboard ideas on virtually any laptop, tablet, and/or wireless device.

Enhanced teaching tools create an immersive learning environment

Young digital natives have become accustomed to accessing information through wireless technology. Using wireless presentation systems in the classroom environment is the easiest and most effective technique for engaging the maximum number of students.

Institutes of learning are not only using wireless presentation systems in the classrooms, they are relying heavily on online course structures. Allowing students the resources to access course material and lectures through a variety of communication platforms gives both teachers and students optimal flexibility. Lecture capture tools allow for 24/7 class material availability, and also gives students access to archived materials that enhance the learning experience. Content access and delivery are streamlined, making teacher instruction and student participation easy.

Empowering through B.Y.O.D. technology

Wireless collaboration systems are critical tools in seamless communication strategies. With millennials being such an important segment of the workforce, the challenge is to create flexible solutions that serve a diverse population. The correct tools will allow users greater access to information, while simultaneously encouraging participation both on and offsite. Whether your team is working in office or remotely, they’ll still have the ability to engage, and share ideas and content.

At Spinitar, we recognize your need to create an environment that encourages sharing, content development, secure access, and optimum engagement. We provide numerous custom solutions, so that you can meet all your wireless collaboration system challenges fluidly. Whether you require a sophisticated, wireless presentation system, or an intimate huddle room space, Spinitar will give you the tools you need, for the success you deserve.