Cold Laminators
Preserve Posters, Banners, and Cutouts

Add longevity and preserve.

Spinitar offers a lamination solution that is an economical and convenient document finishing system that has been designed by VariQuest® to laminate or apply mounting adhesive to a variety of media. These trusted products and related supplies are compatible with laser, inkjet, color, thermal, and other types of computer-printed media in different sizes and thicknesses. The VariQuest® Visual Learning Tools allow for a superior interactive classroom experience for both students and educators.
Safely laminate with no heat
Save time, space and resources with this easy-to-use, energy-efficient cold laminator. Re-use your posters, banners and bulletin board cutouts year after year by laminating them with the VariQuest® Cold Laminator.

Our Cold Laminators allow you to quickly and easily protect and preserve static visuals, artwork, cutouts, tests and other materials. The VariQuest® Cold Laminator 2510 requires no electricity.

Edges Won’t Separate

Trim multiple items without the edges separating.

No Heat

They do not use heat or release fumes. This also eliminates the risk of having a bubbled or wrinkled product after laminating.


Saves space and time with easy paper loading and output hooks that automatically roll laminated posters and banners.
Make posters, banners, and cutouts last longer with the easy-to-use VariQuest® Cold Laminators. Convenient and easy to use, our dual-sided laminate allows you to laminate:
  • Posters up to 25” wide
  • Banners, documents, photos, and illustrations for year-to-year use
  • Cutouts, charts and Diagrams for interactive use
  • 12” x 18” and 9” x 12” Construction paper with no separating edges
We offer a selection of Cold Laminators to suit your different needs.

The CoolLam Pro™ cold laminating system easily and quickly laminates posters and banners up to 38″ wide and 300′ long! It is ideal for laminating larger visuals and banners, and includes a stand and foot pedal for easy control.

VariQuest® Cold Laminator 2510 is the perfect complement to the VariQuest® suite. With this tool, users can quickly and easily laminate materials, and instantly transform them into stickers, laminated signs, or labels. Use with the VariQuest® Cutout Maker to permanently attach a clear film on construction paper without separating the laminated edges when cutting. Design long-lasting learning tools, such as manipulatives, shapes, and collections. And like our other Cold Laminators, it does not use any heat, so there is no risk for smelly fumes, bubbling, or wrinkling.

The ProFinish™ Junior is a more compact version of the bestselling 25″ laminating system. Ideal for use on classroom and office items, this handy tool also does not use any heat, electricity, or batteries. It comes with a built-in Grip/Carry handle and removable cutter for easy and convenient use. Aside from laminating, you can also use it to create magnets and apply adhesive backing to a wide range of materials!

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  • Add longevity to your posters, banners, documents, cutouts, manipulatives and more by protecting and preserving them for continued use year after year
  • No heat is needed, allowing the Cold Laminator to be used with any poster printer/poster maker paper
  • Helpful Hint: Laminate construction paper before creating cutouts, eliminating the need to cut them twice
  • No warming up or cooling down required
  • No fumes
  • Low maintenance
  • No bubbling or wrinkling
  • Trim laminate without edges separating
  • Alignment of 23” poster paper and 12” sheets of construction paper with input guides
  • Easy paper loading without needing additional space for long posters and banners
  • Output hooks automatically roll laminated posters and banners

Cold Laminators Technical Documentation

For service support, repair, and/or training, please contact us at (800) 722-6444 or

VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510 FAQs

Q: How quickly does the VariQuest Cold Laminator laminate?
A: With the turn of the crank handle the Cold Laminator laminates the document at the same speed as the handle turning. Unlike traditional school laminators, there is no need to warm up or cool down the laminator, as it requires no heat or electricity.

Q: What are the dimensions of the cold laminate film?
A: The VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510 laminate is 25” x 300’.

Q: How do I load laminate into the Cold Laminator?
A: Please see the VariQuest Cold Laminator User's Guide.

Q: How do I load documents into the Cold Laminator?
A: Please see the VariQuest Cold Laminator User's Guide for instructions on loading and aligning documents using the input guides and hooks.

Q: How do I use the output hooks?
A: Please see the VariQuest Cold Laminator User's Guide for instructions on attaching and removing output hooks.

Q: How many posters can I laminate with one roll of cold roll laminate?
A: With the Cold Laminator you can laminate about 100 standard (23” x 32”) posters using one roll of laminate.

Q: Will other cold roll laminate work in the Cold Laminator?
A: No, only laminate sold through your authorized VariQuest dealer is matched with the laminator to assure the high-quality output from the Cold Laminator. Laminate for other cold roll laminators is not compatible.

Q: Can I trim the laminated document to its edge?
A: Yes, there is no need to leave a margin of laminate as the dual-sided laminate will keep the edges from separating.

Q: What materials can I laminate?
A: The school lamination machine is compatible with all types of computer-printed media including laser, inkjet, color and thermal in a wide range of material sizes and thickness. In addition, all Poster Maker paper (TTP, DTP and HDP) can be used with the Cold Laminator.




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