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Evaluate, Procure, and Deploy with Spinitar’s Cloud Services.


Cloud Services

Spinitar’s Cloud Services provides our customers with the opportunity to evaluate, procure, and deploy the right technology applications and resources needed to operate a successful business infrastructure. 

Hundreds of Providers to Choose From

Spinitar partners with hundreds of Cloud Service providers who uphold the highest quality solutions designed to specifically meet the needs of our customers. From concept to completion, Spinitar's Cloud and Communications team will ensure our clients receive the best service and value possible.

Our seasoned cloud & communications team is set up to assist our customers through the provider selection process, helping with negotiation and ensuring our clients get the best possible service and value. Spinitar’s post-execution team is committed to making sure our clients services are set up correctly, on-time, and with minimal disruption to daily business operations.

Optimizing for Cloud

Building new technology into a space often provides an opportunity to re-evaluate the tech stack and providers being used to service the needs of your business. Spinitar's unique capabilities and partnerships allow us to provide better infrastructure and often better rates than a typical business can acquire on their own.

Spinitar Cloud Services Add-Ons

  • Broadband Discounts

  • Video Conferencing Integration

  • VOIP/PBX Integration

  • Zoom Rooms

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Call Center Solutions

  • Datacenter Security

  • Cloud Optimization

  • Network Security

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