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How does your audiovisual system design optimize your classroom solutions?

When it comes to classroom technology, you can’t afford to use anything less than the most immersive, engaging, and pro-active tools within your budget. Our customized AV instructional technology solutions allow you to employ your specific lesson plans with the highest possible efficiency and reach. You want to give your students learning environments in which they can flourish. At Spinitar, we devote ourselves to providing audiovisual platforms that deliver.

You want collaboration, dedication, and participation from your students – you should expect nothing less from your AV integrator.

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At Spinitar, we understand that technology – audiovisual systems, streaming media, and bring your own device (B.Y.O.D) technology – must accelerate student learning. Are your AV products immersive? Does your classroom AV facilitate audience engagement? Spinitar offers AV technology that increases classroom productivity by enhancing the abilities of the instructor, and giving students collaborative learning opportunities that allow them to not only understand the instruction, but retain vital information.

Instructional technology should help to create an interactive and engaging learning environment while reducing the instructor’s time expenditure. Audiovisual system integration can meet the challenges caused by inflexible course scheduling, overburdened classrooms, and distance learning. Even in crowded classrooms, students can still be engaged and fully participate with the help of state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, specifically designed for its comprehensive reach.

Learning environments are constantly evolving – students expect direct instruction and collaboration, as well as the ability to access content online and use their preferred devices. Your AV solution provider should deliver options that enable you to provide a multitude of instructional services easily and seamlessly. Lecture capture, pro audio, green AV, and Ultra HD 4k are some of the features that can be integrated into the final strategy for a fully developed and customized AV system.

One of the many advantages of full audiovisual integration is the ability to allow students to access information in a multi-dimensional and customized way, with full access to necessary resources and few restrictions upon either the instructor’s or the students’ time. Furthermore, with Spinitar, learning facilities have the advantage of access to an expert team of AV repair, audiovisual systems integrators, and AV service personnel.

Spinitar is dedicated to delivering the audiovisual services that enable classrooms to broaden their scope of learning and engagement. Give your instructional facility the AV solutions that facilitate learning. Fully integrated, thoroughly accessible – putting student learning first, always.