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AQAV Memeber

Spinitar renews another audio visual certification

Spinitar has recently renewed their AQAV Certification as another testament to quality. AQAV is a non-profit corporation that is “dedicated to improving the operational art of designing and installing audio visual technology”, according to AQAV.org. Spinitar recognizes that audio visual systems can be complex to design, integrate and maintain. Being able to secure this certification […]

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Making the Most of the Classroom with Posters

Even the best, most dedicated teachers need tools to help them execute their lesson plans effectively. With comprehensive learning tools, such as the VariQuest suite, teachers are given an exceptional set of visual learning tools that facilitate maximum student engagement. By creating customized, colorful, and exciting visual aids with poster printer paper rolls and other […]

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4K Ultra HD: A New Digital Standard

FEATURED STORY – From Crestron’s Blog: “4K: The New Digital Standard” Posted by Kevin Iselli on Tue, Jul 07, 2015 @ 11:30 AM 4K is becoming one of the biggest tech terms of the year. Now that 4K product prices have dropped, people are more interested in what it is and how it’s different from […]

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Cedars Sinai VTC Solution

How Secure is Your Web and Video Conferencing?

Both web conferencing and video conferencing are currently among the most used mediums of collaboration for enterprises of all types. Businesses rely on these technologies to communicate with their remote teams and clients, as well as to avoid travel costs. But are their conferencing activities secure enough? Can there be a risk of losing critical […]

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