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Spinitar_Blog_BannerHow-to-Plan-For-Your-AV-Project — audiovisual planning

Audiovisual Planning – How to Plan For Your AV Project

Knowing how to plan for an AV project means understanding your AV system needs at an organizational level, connecting with end users, and finding the right technologies. Naturally, audiovisual planning also involves identifying resources, incorporating important stakeholders, and choosing the right partners to help your vision come to life. Audiovisual systems design and integration can […]

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AV in U.S. courtrooms

How AV is Transforming U.S. Courtrooms

The days of old-fashioned, closed off courtrooms are over. While many perceive the legal industry to be lagging behind in technology adoption, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Integrated AV technology, used widely in courtrooms and law firms across the U.S., not only improves transparency in the judicial system, it improves courtroom efficiency, lowers […]

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Spinitar welcomes Steve Riley!

For Immediate Release – December 19, 2016 La Mirada, California – Spinitar Steve Riley has joined Spinitar as Executive Vice President of Operations focusing on the people and processes that make up the technical resources for Spinitar’s professional service offerings. With over twenty years of commercial audiovisual experience, Steve has a natural ability to articulate […]

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BYOD Classrooms - the School of the Future

BYOD Classrooms – the School of the Future

  Technology steers our personal and work lives, and it’s becoming a staple in our schools as well, via BYOD classrooms. Schools across the country are engaging in new technologies that make learning easier and more enjoyable. Education is more interactive and engaging when it’s personalized, and bring your own device (BYOD) policies offer a means […]

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Microsoft Surface Hub

How it Works: Microsoft Surface Hub

  Based on a Harvard Business Review study of meetings with remote participants, it takes an average of 12 minutes to get any session started. For people with busy schedules who already tend to view meetings as one of the least productive parts of their week, that 12 minutes can feel like an eternity of […]

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Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub Transforms Collaboration

  From healthcare to education, legal, government, manufacturing, to construction and every industry in between, the Microsoft Surface Hub updates offices and other workspaces to inspire and engage employees and collaborators. Anyone who has training rooms, huddle spaces, conference rooms, classrooms or any other indoor collaboration space can benefit from Microsoft’s brand new technology that […]

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Digital Transformation for Healthcare

Digital Transformations Benefit Hospitals and Patients

  Technology does more than simply make things easier for us—in the medical field, advances in technology save lives. Progress in health care technology results in more accurate patient data, the ability to treat patients in remote areas, improved surgical bays, and streamlined nurses’ stations, among other large-scale benefits. Save Lives with Robotic and Laparoscopic […]

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digital transformation

Communication Changes Caused by Digital Transformation

Proof of digital transformation is everywhere. Take a cursory glance around you, and you may notice how much it’s impacted our everyday lives. We live in smart homes, drive smart cars, and collaborate with people all over the globe. Perhaps one of the areas that digital transformation has affected us most is in communications. The […]

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For Company-Wide Tech Adoption, Embrace Shadow IT

Businesses are increasing employee productivity by allowing workers to use their own devices for work. BYOD (bring your own device) plans are in place for many companies, onboarding personal devices for use on the company’s systems and software. However, more employees are using their own devices and more of their own software, even without BYOD […]

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Audiovisual Integrator Microsoft Surface Hub

California Audiovisual Integrator Introduces a New Communication Solution to West Coast Customers

  Spinitar becomes a Microsoft Surface Hub Dealer. La Mirada, CA – September 15, 2016 – For over three decades, Spinitar has proudly served California with a mission of being a world-class provider of integrated commercial audio-video solutions. Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Microsoft as an official device reseller for the […]

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cybersecurity for AV systems

Addressing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

  As companies turn to digital technology to solve problems and to expand, they become more vulnerable to hacking. Successful cyberattacks devastate businesses, resulting in lost data, compromised systems, and physical damage to valuable equipment. Hiring people with cybersecurity skills is the logical thing to do. However, as companies search for employees with the right […]

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AV Services

4 Steps to Planning Your Mission Critical Control Room

  A Mission Critical Control Room is a place where government agencies and private entities invest dedicated resources to monitoring and communicating crucial information up to 24 hours a day. In command and control centers, personnel run complicated systems that do everything from monitor electrical grids, like Southern California Edison, to providing security surveillance for […]

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Spinitar Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence in AV Solutions

Spinitar’s reputation as an elite AV design, integration, and services organization continues to grow, and its commitment to producing impactful, brand-defining environments for its clients outpaces the rest of the industry. Recently celebrating its 30th year in business, Spinitar provides the pinnacle in sophistication and convenience and has proven its reliability, trustworthiness, and excellence in […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Video Over IP

Streaming audio/video over Internet Protocol (AVoIP) is not new technology. In fact, it’s been around for nearly 20 years. However, new developments have made vast improvements to video over IP, bringing renewed interest to the product and promising incredible returns for businesses. Today’s AVoIP technology allows businesses to send high-quality images over a local area […]

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PSNI - Audio Visual Services

Better Audio Visual Services Through Partnership: PSNI

  Spinitar is a proud member of the Professional Systems Network International (PSNI), a nationwide network of leaders in audio visual services and unified communication integration. This alliance allows us to provide you with audio-visual and unified communication design, integration, installation, and support services across the United States and Canada.   Wherever you work, we […]

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