In its newly updated Irvine, CA headquarters, the Global Apparel Brand had a dream to create an unforgettable experience in line with its unique brand. The footwear and apparel company, and its data cabling, security and AV provider, RedRock Security and Cabling asked for Spinitar’s guidance to help achieve two main goals.

1. “Wow Factor”

The first goal was to communicate the powerful brand, and deeper holistic philosophy, “a sound mind in a sound body,” through the experiences of people visiting and working in it’s Irvine, CA offices. The company wanted to create a “wow factor.”

2. “Smooth Communication”
The client has offices, manufacturing, and research facilities in several locations, including in Japan, and needed to update its conferencing technology to ensure smooth communication and efficiency in collaboration.



Starting with the design phase, Spinitar offered a customized solution to both of the main goals for the Global Apparel Brand’s California headquarters. The idea was to really bring a “wow factor” to the corporate space with easy-to-use digital technology that could communicate the brand’s lively and youthful personality while making internal collaboration between physical locations a lot simpler.

Spinitar used several site tours, demos and conversations around needs and wants to propose a design that was both functional and inspiring.

The approach became twofold:


Installed updated meeting space technology to ensure smooth, easy operation and VTC capability, making Japan and Irvine feel closer than ever.


Used cutting edge AV displays to share the client’s brand vision with both internal and external users of the corporate space and connected retail locations.



In the end, Spinitar customized AV systems for 30 unique spaces at the Global Apparel Brand’s headquarters in Irvine, CA and configured communication capabilities for distribution of digital content to displays in its retail locations.

The audiovisual install included projection systems, VTC systems and digital signage to allow for ease of communication between workers in remote locations, and between Irvine, CA corporate and retail locations craving on-brand digital content for their in-store displays.

Spinitar integrated a dramatic video wall in the Irvine, CA corporate lobby that displays the company’s passion for healthy lifestyle and athletic performance, to help create brand awareness and alignment among internal stakeholders. The video wall communicates messaging to employees and visitors including daily announcements, important messages and company news.

The AV systems, like their shoes and athletic wear brand, were designed and integrated to create reliability and longevity. Spinitar helped their client communicate their message.

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