AV Staffing

To ensure that your communication goals are met, not only do you need an expert A/V installer who can design, customize, and integrate the systems you require, but also dedicated technicians who can ensure that your equipment stays in top working condition. You want customized service – we work tirelessly to provide it.

Maintaining your AV equipment doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hire and train your own dedicated staff – not every organization can afford permanent onsite audiovisual technician staffing. With Spinitar, we can take the burden off your hands. You need the resources, and Spinitar delivers.

Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs. We can provide the manpower required to maintain and troubleshoot your AV and UC solutions. Spintar’s AV-certified technicians can fill your AV staffing needs for the support and maintenance of your audio, video and communication solutions. Whenever you need audiovisual assistance with the technology you’re using, you can rest assured that Spinitar can have prompt and dedicated audiovisual support at your location.

Our AV Staffing programs include:
  • Certified Technician(s): One or more technicians specifically trained in your AV technology.
  • Customized Service: Your schedule and your budget determine the program.
  • Consistent & Dedicated Support: In the event of an absence or scheduled time-off, a familiar resource can be provided to replace your dedicated technician.
  • Spinitar’s Service Department: Field personnel are supported by all of Spinitar’s AV experts.
  • Our high service standards are transferred into the day-to-day work of your Spinitar AV Staff Technician.
  • More Time and More Resources: Free up your employees’ schedule and allow them to focus on what they do best, and allow us to focus on what we do best!
  • Employer Hiring Process: Spinitar will evaluate, screen, interview, and hire your dedicated resource, removing any added liabilities for your organization associated with the hiring and new employee processes.
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Have other AV Staffing needs?
Spinitar can also be of service if you need to upgrade or acquire new technology. Our audio visual consultants can help determine the solutions that will best meet your organizational and communication requirements, all while taking your budget into account. Once we’ve identified the right technology for your organization, our certified audio visual integrators will ensure that your current and new devices are seamlessly integrated. Click here to learn more about our audio visual integration and installation services. Spinitar is your one-stop shop for audio visual installer jobs, support, maintenance, and repairs. Please contact us if you need an A/V installer or support technician at your location, or if you would like to learn more about our services.