Effective audiovisual technology is essential in nearly every industry. If you are struggling to maintain efficiency within your organization, your AV strategies may not be working for you.
At Spinitar, we develop personalized AV solutions for diverse industries. From Retail to Academia to Corporate and even Houses of Worship, Spinitar can customize your unified communication experience.

INTRODUCING our customer portal


Client Dashboards

Built in-house providing an easy way to access support calls, proposals and invoices

Proposal & Invoice Repository

Search historical records and analyze spend

Support Call Management

Ability to sort and filter by date range, call type, site and room

Customer Specific Customizations & Workflows

Built to streamline your workflows – quicklists, self-ordering, task lists & more


A satisfying and productive audiovisual experience begins with proper planning. Maximize your technology investments with holistic AV system design that ensures usability.


Effective project management eliminates downtime, prevents delays and limits unanticipated budget impacts. Our project management teams are lead by qualified AV professionals who care.

system integration

Over 30 years of system integration experience means we’ve seen it all, and have developed the key relationships with manufacturers, service teams and partners required to support the wide range of solutions we deliver everyday.

Support Services

We don’t do customer service, we do customer support. That means we are here to support your AV and communication systems every step of the way, because technology downtime means lost productivity. That’s why our support services guarantee a “quick response from talented folks who care” about your business.

AV Staffing

Your talented employees need time to focus on their areas of expertise. Tapping busy staff members to troubleshoot AV issues is often not the best use of resources. That’s why Spinitar offers help with identifying AV staffing needs, and can even place experienced technicians to support your systems.