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Secrets to Success in the Audiovisual Industry

Commercial Integrator, the leading publication for the audiovisual industry, recently featured three important articles on Spinitar. In the posts, we shared secrets to our success in the audiovisual industry, including our incredible workplace culture, how we work with competitors to support customer success, and how teaming up with office furniture providers helps us to achieve […]

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collaboration technology transforms the modern workplace

Collaboration Technology Builds the Modern Workplace

Collaboration technology has transformed business on a massive scale. Workers can enjoy more flexibility and less travel while they stay connected with colleagues through platforms like Skype for Business, OneNote or Miracast. Corporate meetings, large scale projects and remote work can all happen seamlessly with collaboration technology. From cloud storage for important files, to video […]

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Nathan Barnes Leads Audiovisual in Arizona

At Spinitar, we know that one of our most important strengths is our people. From audiovisual technicians who help to install systems and keep them running to customer success partners who help consult on the right solution, each member of our team is important and appreciated. Our talented folks care deeply about our clients, and […]

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Spinitar_Blog_BannerHow-to-Plan-For-Your-AV-Project — audiovisual planning

Audiovisual Planning – How to Plan For Your AV Project

Knowing how to plan for an AV project means understanding your AV system needs at an organizational level, connecting with end users, and finding the right technologies. Naturally, audiovisual planning also involves identifying resources, incorporating important stakeholders, and choosing the right partners to help your vision come to life. Audiovisual systems design and integration can […]

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Future Proofing Audiovisual Technology: What You Need to Know Now

Future proofing audiovisual technology has become a major focus for smart leaders everywhere. While new technology is exciting, it can be too easy to get sucked into making purchases prematurely when you see that shiny new tool, and equally as easy to miss opportunities to upgrade with technologies that keep your business on the edge. […]

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corporate video wall

How a Stunning Video Wall Can Transform Your Corporate Space

A stunning corporate video wall is one of the best ways to encourage employee satisfaction, and inspire guests and partners with on-brand video content in your corporate space. Professionally installed video walls are becoming even more popular among business leaders, because of the opportunity for incredible visual impact via enhanced image display capability and flexibility. […]

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Corporate Sound Masking

Corporate Sound Masking Means Greater ROI

Corporate Sound Masking is an audiovisual method that incorporates a virtually undetectable, precisely calibrated noise system into open workspaces to render speech of other workers unintelligible. The effects of this practice lead to greater ROI. For businesses with employees who need to focus despite distraction in the workplace, sound masking may be an audiovisual solution […]

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Standardize Corporate AV

Standardize Corporate AV to Achieve Gains in Communication and Productivity

Business leaders caught in a web of adapters and cables often wonder if it’s possible to standardize corporate AV to limit the time wasted in adjusting to different technologies and meeting rooms. Standardizing your AV system allows your business to become more connected, creating uniformity across offices and meeting spaces. Simplifying this major business asset […]

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corporate audiovisual

Why Corporate Spaces Need Evolved Audiovisual

Evolved corporate audiovisual brings together IT and traditional AV functions in order to foster streamlined communication, meaningful collaboration and increased productivity in corporate spaces. This audiovisual evolution mirrors the change in daily life where we have all gotten used to intuitive ways of getting what we want instantly. If we can buy anything we want […]

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Making the Makerspace: How to Get Started Today

  “In a makerspace, students get to make their own meaning.” – Karen Cheser, Maker Movement Educators love the Makerspace concept, because it allows students to dig in and explore concepts they may have learned from lectures, books and written assignments in a whole new way. Whether you already have a space in your school, […]

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The Value of an AV Service Agreement

  The value of an AV service agreement is more than just dollars and cents. Working with a trusted AV service provider on a long term basis ensures your AV system continues running smoothly, and facilitates quicker fixes for problems that may arise. This blog walks you through some of the most important topics to […]

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Funding Your Makerspace

  As you may know, schools throughout the United States are getting excited about the Makerspace as a place of creativity and expansion for students of all ages, but how do you fund your Makerspace? When it comes to improving education in STEM subjects, Makerspaces have been touted as a fantastic way to get students […]

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AV in U.S. courtrooms

How AV is Transforming U.S. Courtrooms

The days of old-fashioned, closed off courtrooms are over. While many perceive the legal industry to be lagging behind in technology adoption, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Integrated AV technology, used widely in courtrooms and law firms across the U.S., not only improves transparency in the judicial system, it improves courtroom efficiency, lowers […]

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Building the Makerspace Curriculum

  Makerspaces provide students the opportunity to create visuals for school assignments, perform science experiments, and even build robots. Projects are only limited by the space’s leader and students’ imaginations and ingenuity. Through Makerspace projects, students of all ages can learn problem solving, collaboration with others to work as a team, and job skills like […]

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