Ultra HD 4K
The Future of Effective Audiovisual Solutions

Just when high-definition was about to become a ubiquity, suddenly we have ultra-high definition. What is it, exactly, and how can this help your organization achieve higher productivity and overall efficiency? Scroll to learn more.
What is Ultra HD 4K?
Ultra HD 4K is 4,096 pixel Ultra High Definition. While standard high definition displays utilize a 1,080p resolution, an ultra high definition display uses a far higher pixel count, resulting in an extremely detailed, lifelike image. Ultra HD 4K effectively quadruples the number of pixels existing within the same frame. With UHD 4K resolution, digital content is sharper, streaming media is more lifelike, and your video wall is dazzling. The color spectrum is also wider, so nuanced shades can be accurately reproduced.

Also, 4K UHD can handle content delivered up to 120 frames per second. Frames and transition of those frames appear richer compared to the 60fps (frames per second) on 1080p displays. Sports fans can now say good-bye to blurred motion when watching their favorite team.

Another benefit to such an incredibly high resolution is the ability to support content that is delivered at a higher frame-per-second rate. Blurred images during, for example, sports matches, are eliminated, and viewers are able to appreciate the full range of articulated motion.

4K UHD displays are backwards compatible. These displays work with existing satellite, cable boxes, DVD, Blu-Ray players, and standard HD TV antennas. 4K UHD displays will have a built-in scaler. This allows the display to take the incoming signal and scale it up to the higher resolution.

Of course, it wouldn’t pay to have this technology without media services supporting it with ultra HD content. Fortunately, 4K content is becoming more and more easily available. Streaming media services like Netflix and Amazon are providing 4K Ultra HD material, as are cable and satellite services. As the availability of supported content increases, the costs of 4K UHD will go down.

So, how do the extra pixels and higher resolution help your organization? By giving your operations an edge in an extremely competitive market. Using state of the art equipment and unified communication solutions increase the value of your services, whether they be medical, instructional, retail, hospitality, or civic. Lobby displays in hotels are impressive; medical services more advanced and precise; classrooms more engaging and collaborative. Eye-catching and immersive audiovisual tools – video walls, monitors, electronic displays – create an aura of technological proficiency that is not only appreciated, but increasingly expected.

Using optimum technology enhances your business’ prestige, and gives you incalculable new opportunities for outreach and success.
Spinitar – Helping You to Upgrade Seamlessly
4K systems have unique high-bandwidth requirements that older infrastructures cannot Having Ultra HD 4K is far more than purchasing the appropriate displays and equipment; most spaces will require full integration and technological support. The investment will certainly involve an evaluation of your current system to see if the upgrade can be supported, how to support it, and on what budget and timeframe. Conversion is a delicate, sometimes involved process, and you need the aid of a dedicated, expert integrator to help you determine how to make your existing infrastructure compatible, and which system is best for your space.

At Spinitar, we offer a comprehensive series of communications and audiovisual technologies and solutions. We are dedicated to providing you with expert consulting services, installation, integration, user-training, maintenance and repair. Your audiovisual solutions are only as useful as your ability to operate them, and we take great pride in delivering not only exceptional products, but unsurpassed support.

Don’t attempt to upgrade your audiovisual solutions alone. Let Spinitar help your business flourish.